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26 Workout Songs to Keep You Going

26 Workout Songs to Keep You Going

It is a huge sense of accomplishment to commit to an exercise routine and stick with it. Diligence is rewarded with the obvious -a healthy body mind and spirit, and maybe a smaller dress size or flatter stomach if you have been really good. A stumbling block of staying motivated can be boredom. I listen to my iPod when running and working out so frequently that I simply get sick of my songs. I am always on the hunt for new music, and am constantly downloading to my playlist. The last post I wrote included 75 of my favorites, but I have added to that list, and am excited to share my new finds. Some are top 40, but when I exhausted the current options I started to reminisce about old favorites. I hope you like them!

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Click on the link to download a song to your playlist.  Enjoy!

1. If I Had You
Adam Lambert– 131 BPM Amazon/iTunes

2. Payphone
Maroon 5– 110 BPM Amazon/iTunes

3. What Makes You Beautiful
One Direction– BPM Amazon/iTunes

4. Wild Ones
Flo Rida– 126BPM Amazon/iTunes

5. Glad You Came
The Wanted– 127 BPM Amazon/iTunes

6. 3 AM
Matchbox 20– 108 BPM Amazon/iTunes

7. Drive By
Train– 122 BPM Amazon/iTunes

8. Starships 
Nicki Minaj– 128 BPM Amazon/iTunes

9. Moment 4 Life
Nicki Minaj– 98 BPM Amazon/iTunes

10. Chasing The Sun
The Wanted– 128 BPM Amazon/iTunes

11. Part of Me
Katy Perry– 130 BPM Amazon/iTunes

12. Feel So Close
Calvin Harris– 128 BPM Amazon/iTunes

13. Dance Again
Jennifer Lopez– 131 BPM Amazon/iTunes

14. Take Care
Drake– 122 BPM Amazon/iTunes

15. Never Close Our Eyes
Adam Lambert– 135 BPM Amazon/iTunes

16. In Your Eyes
Peter Gabriel– 89 BPM Amazon/iTunes

17. Solsbury Hill
Peter Gabriel– 111 BPM Amazon/iTunes

18. Living In The Moment
Jason Mraz– 84 BPM Amazon/iTunes

19. Lights
Ellie Goulding– 120 BPM Amazon/iTunes

20. Wonderwall
Oasis– 87 BPM Amazon/iTunes

21. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
Sting– 125 BPM Amazon/iTunes

22. Burn It Down
Linkin Park– 110 BPM Amazon/iTunes

23. Waiting For a Star To Fall
Boy Meets Girl– 116 BPM Amazon/iTunes

24. Hard to Handle
Black Crowes– 112 BPM Amazon/iTunes

25. Hook
Blues Traveler– 104 BPM Amazon/iTunes

26. Run Around
Blues Traveler– 152 BPM Amazon/iTunes

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