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Fat Loss 101
  • How I Lost 30 Pounds And Kept It Off Thumbnail

    How I Lost 30 Pounds and Kept It Off

    No more diets! Lose weight and keep it off.

  • 7 Fat Burning Superfoods Thumbnail

    7 Fat-Burning Superfoods

    You can’t wish your way to a slimmer body, but you can choose nutritious foods that help you shed fat and feel terrific. A smart place to start is with superfoods. Now, let’s be honest. No food …

  • Organize-Your-Kitchen-for-Weight-Loss Thumbnail

    How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

    Losing weight can be a challenge, whether you’re swamped caring for kids or aging parents, or juggling a busy career with other responsibilities. You need every tool available to succeed in your weight loss efforts. And you …

  • Environmental Toxins Linked to Weight Gain and Prediabetes

    **This post has been contributed by, Dr. Sarah Cimperman.  Dr. Cimperman is a naturopathic doctor in private practice in New York City. She is the author of the new book, The Prediabetes Detox: A Whole-Body Program to Balance Your Blood …

  • 10 Ideas for Moms to Make Time for Workouts

    Being a fit mom not only benefits you, but it sets a great example for your kids, too! And, contrary to what you might think, you can find the time to fit in more exercise. Raising healthy, …

  • 5 Reasons Why Weight Doesn’t Always Matter

    If you have ever stepped on a scale after a week of dieting and exercise, only to wonder why the scale has not budged – or worse, moved upward! – you are not alone. Many dieters find …

  • 6 Best Gluten-Free Desserts

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Many dieters, especially those following a gluten-free diet, assume that dessert is off-limits. They might munch on plain berries, but for the most part, they believe that sweet indulgences are not an option. Great news! …

  • 10 Easy Tricks to Beat Vacation Weight Gain

    Most of us spend all year dreaming about the joys of vacation, but that joy can quickly turn tragic when we let a week of relaxation turn into pounds of extra cushioning around the middle. Gaining weight …

  • 8 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

    We all know that exercise is important, and everyone should include it in her day. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, physical fitness can fall by the wayside. Luckily, you can burn extra calories …

  • Lose Weight Fast- 10 Components of a Successful Diet and Exercise Plan

    Losing weight is challenging for many, and the key to success often lies in having an appropriate plan. Mapping out your route to a healthy weight makes the process much easier. These 10 tips for losing weight fast will help …

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