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Weight-Maintenance Fat Loss
  • A Skinny Ms. Guide to Food Choices: Eat This Not That

    If you have ever heard of the popular book, Eat This Not That you probably already know that there are tons of substitutions you can use to cut calories from your diet. Making smart food choices is …

  • How-To Keep Seeing Weight Loss Results

    Weight loss results are not immediate. In order to see weight loss results you will need to set achievable goals and continue on the path to success until you reach your goal. The path to success is …

  • Yoga for Weight Loss

    Stay in the Present Moment to Stay on Track

    Fat loss is like any other challenge, and achieving your weight loss goals can be accompanied by emotional and physical challenges along with dietary temptations, lack of support, nay-sayers and relapse. These obstacles are similar to those …


    Fact or Fiction? The Truth About The Latest Fad Diets and Health Crazes

    These days diets are a dime a dozen and we are constantly looking for the next best way to lose weight fast. Skinny Ms. researched a few of the latest fad diets and health crazes to find …

  • 6 Surprising Things That Make You Gain Weight

    6 Surprising Things That Make You Gain Weight

    A healthy diet along with regular exercise should provide everything necessary to lose weight, but people often do things to support weight gain without even knowing it. Here are 6 surprising things that contribute to weight gain …

  • women eating popcorn watching tv

    Food For Thought – 5 Strategies to STOP Mindless Eating

    Have you ever sat down with your kids or your girlfriends to watch an exciting new movie and before it’s over, you realize you just ate an entire tub of popcorn, a bowl of ice cream, and …

  • Stress Management

    Stress and Your Health: Does Stress Make You Fat?

    Your body has a built in stress reaction that was meant to help keep you alert and protected from harm. Triggered by stress, the release of a particular hormone called Cortisol can often go into overdrive and …

  • You too, Can be a kung-fu master

    You too, Can Be a Kung Fu Master

    What to do when nothing is going right; when All in fact, IS Going Awfully and Horribly Wrong? When we wonder aloud How, In The HE-DoubleToothpicks can we prevail over the mayhem and, you know, get back …

  • Tricks For Maintaining Your Weight

    Tricks For Maintaining Your Weight

    Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you must begin to maintain it. Some argue that maintaining weight is just as big of a challenge as losing weight. Here are some tips that may help. After breakfast, drink …

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