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  • Tips for Maintaining Your Running Program During Pregnancy Thumbnail

    Tips for Running When Pregnant

    Five tips to keep you running throughout your pregnancy.

  • Slim Down with the Walk Run Plan Thumbnail

    Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

    Mix up your routine and burn calories!

  • 6 Yoga Poses for Stronger Running

    6 Yoga Poses for Stronger Running

    Train your legs individually and together they become a powerhouse!

  • Tips for Beach Running Thumbnail

    Tips for Beach Running

    Enjoy sun and sand while getting a cardio boost this summer!

  • The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Starting-an-Outdoor-Running-Program Thumbnail

    The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Running Program

    Study up before you get moving!

  • 5 Steps to Running Faster thumbnail

    5 Steps to Running Faster

    Speed up your stride!

  • runningshoe thumbnail

    5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cross-Training Shoes

    Step into comfort with your new cross-trainers!

  • 5K-Running-Guide-for-Absolute-BeginnersThumbnail

    5K Running Guide for Absolute Beginners

    Your guide to getting started with your first race.

  • Tips-to-Train-Safely-for-This-Year’s-Triathlon-Walkathon-or-Marathon Thumbnail

    Tips for Your First Marathon, Triathlon, or Walkathon

    Start now and stick with it.

  • ToughTreadWorkout Thumbnail

    Tough Tread Interval Run

    As much as you may despise the treadmill, sometimes you just can’t make an outdoor workout work. Running outside has multiple extra benefits, such as tougher terrain and hills, heat variances, and air pressure adaptations, but when winter …

  • 9-Ways-To-Improve-Your-Running-Form-300x300-v2

    9 Ways to Improve Your Running Form

    Whether you’re an absolute newbie or you’ve been running for ages, it’s always good to find running tips that reduce the chance of injury and reduce wasted energy. As anyone who runs for exercise can say, there’s more to running …

  • Running Program for Absolute Beginners Thumbnail

    Running Program for Absolute Beginners

    Congratulations! You’ve tackled the first major step toward a new, healthier you.  Just by clicking on this article, you’ve told yourself that becoming a runner is possible, and you’re right! Our Running Program for Beginners will help …

  • 7 Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

    For those of us who love to run, injuries are a major bummer. The good news is, with the right habits, you can keep your body in proper shape, so that you are ready to hit the …

  • 7 Tips for Injury Proof Running

    No question, running is a smart way to build cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, boost the immune system naturally, and raise levels of the body’s feel-good hormones (endorphins). It’s also great for stress relief—and who can’t use a …

  • 10 Races That Will Get You Hooked on Running

    A little motivation goes a long way. When it comes to running, training for a fun race can be all the motivation a woman needs to go the distance. When you’re finding it difficult to lace up …

  • 4 Steps to Running Your First Half-Marathon

    Ready to push yourself to your limits? Do you dream of reaching a major personal fitness milestone? Are you looking to lose weight, build stamina, and increase endurance? It might be time to start training for a …

  • 2

    Running in the Digital Age: Go for a Morning “Yog”

    Are you the kind of runner that loves to jog with a group of other people, but don’t know anybody in your area the shares your interest in running? It can be frustrating to have to embark …

  • The Color Run

    The Color Run

    What is the Color Run? The Color Run is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. The events, are all …

  • Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill 300x300

    Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill!

    Ya Gotta Tabata on the Treadmill! Winter is upon us and so is the dreaded indoor treadmill run! Change up your run with a tabata style boost. This 30 minute workout will rev up your metabolism and …

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