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  • 7-Yoga-Poses-for-All-Day-Energy-300x300

    7 Yoga Poses for All Day Energy

    Use yoga to power up rather than wind down.

  • 15-Yoga-Poses-to-Zen-Out-Your-Body-300x300

    15 Yoga Poses to Zen Out Your Body

    It’s all in the “ommmm.”

  • hardcore-yoga-workout-300x300

    HardCORE Yoga

    Yoga that targets your core muscles is centering and effective!

  • Yoga for Fat Blasting

    Fat Blasting Yoga

    This yoga workout will have you burning fat and calories!

  • 6 Yoga Poses for Stronger Running Thumbnail

    6 Yoga Poses for Stronger Running

    Train your legs individually and together they become a powerhouse!

  • FOAM ROLLING The Best Kept Secret

    Foam Rolling: The Best Kept Secret

    Foam rolling is great for casual exercisers, fitness enthusiast, and runners.

  • 6-Yoga-Poses-that-Lift-and-Tighten-Your-Butt-300x300

    6 Yoga Poses that Lift and Tighten Your Butt

    Yoga is a unique form of exercise that lengthens muscles to create a lean, toned look. We created 6 Yoga Poses that Lift and Tighten Your Butt to give women the chance to work their backside muscles. …

  • Yoga-for-Weightloss Thumbnail

    Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

    Are you familiar with the saying “slow and steady wins the race”? Did you know that it can be true for a weight loss journey? Yoga does not always get the popular vote when it comes to serious fat burning …

  • 7 Yoga Poses to Tone and Define Your Arms Thumbnail

    7 Yoga Poses to Tone and Define Your Arms

    Inhale, exhale, and get the arms of your dreams.

  • 8-Things-to-Know-About-Exercise-and-Pregnancy-300x300

    Exercise and Pregnancy: 8 Things to Know

    Especially for first-time mommies-to-be, the question of whether to work out and how much can be daunting. While the right types of exercise are important during pregnancy because a strong, healthy body is better equipped to handle …

  • 5 Benefits fo Facial Yoga Thumbnail

    5 Benefits of Facial Yoga (Plus 2 Facial Yoga Poses to Try)

    Watch the three videos below to learn techniques for decreasing crows feet, tightening the neck, and other facial yoga exercises. Boot thoughts of Botox. Say “no” to anti-aging facial surgery. Instead, you may want to give facial …

  • 6 Reasons to Start Stretching

    Sometimes it’s tough to find enough time to fit in a good workout, so it’s no wonder that an important element to your overall health often gets overlooked. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …

  • Yoga for Weight Loss Thumbnail

    Yoga for Weight Loss

    Below you will find two yoga videos for fat loss. The first is a video which should be performed first thing in the morning and the second is a full-length yoga, fat burning class. NAMASTE! Sun Salutations …

  • Have Trouble Falling Asleep_  Here are 3 Yoga Classes for Better Sleep Thumbnail

    Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Here are 3 Yoga Classes for Better Sleep

    Does your mind race as you try to fall asleep? Do you find it difficult to relax and de-stress due to a hectic and busy life? We’ve added three yoga classes, of varying lengths, for a better …

  • Evening-Yoga-for-Relaxation-300x300

    Evening Yoga for Relaxation

    It’s time to let go, put today’s worries away, follow your breath and feel the tension leaving your body. Below you will find four yoga classes to choose from for a perfect evening yoga session. Namaste! Yoga …

  • Relax and De-stress with Yoga Class...You Deserve it!

    Relax and De-stress with Yoga Class…You Deserve it!

    Yoga Time! Below is a full length yoga class for relaxation and de-stressing. We all need a day to relax our bodies and minds, let go of all worries…this is your time to just be! Namaste! Exercise …

  • The Intensati Workout – A Transformational Fitness Routine Thumbnail

    The Intensati Workout – A Transformational Fitness Routine

    Mind/Body workouts are becoming more and more popular as women begin to realize that muscles aren’t the only thing that need exercise for optimal results. Your mind needs support too for weight loss success. This conscious workout …

  • Yoga Workshops that Transform the Mind & Body Thumbnail

    Yoga Workshops that Transform the Mind & Body

    Yoga gives benefits that no type of drug can ever offer you. Luckily, there are many types of yoga, and each of them offer a variety of benefits. Here is your A-Z list: Anusara – Yoga with …

  • Yoga Time - Workout for Beginners

    Yoga Time – Workout for Beginners

    Today is yoga day at Skinny Ms. Fitness. It’s important to take a day to stretch, work on balance and relax your mind & body. I’ve chosen a full yoga session for beginners. You will need water …

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