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  • Try this Power Yoga Workout Thumbnail

    Try this Power Yoga Workout

    Want to get into shape, but have limited self-discipline to do so?  Try Power Yoga. It is a form of yoga that essentially combines both aerobic and strength training exercises. Best of all, it improves mental stability and …

  • Hatha Yoga Session Thumbnail

    Hatha Yoga Session

    Yoga Class is in Session. You will need water and a yoga mat. Today we’ll be doing Hatha Yoga Flow. This is a day to relax your mind & body, work on flexibility, balance and breathing. Exercise …

  • Benefits of Hot Yoga Thumbnail

    Benefits of Hot Yoga

    Hot Yoga is a form of yoga practiced in temperatures well above room temperature. The range is usually somewhere between 85° to 125° F.  By combining the already unparalleled benefits of yoga, Hot Yoga (technically Bikram Yoga) …

  • Yoga Class in Session Thumbnail

    Yoga Class in Session

    Yoga Class is now in session. Grab your water bottle and yoga mat. This class is all about flexibility and relaxing your mind and body. Rest and relaxation is just as important as is cardio and weight …

  • Luxury Yoga Retreats That Won't Break The Bank Thumbnail

    Luxury Yoga Retreats That Won’t Break The Bank

    We spend fortunes on pampering ourselves. Whether it be manicures, pedicures or massages. We have all been guilty of indulging in such activities at some point in our pasts. Why not save the money you spend on fixing our chipped …

  • Beginner's Yoga Class is in Session

    Beginner’s Yoga Class is now in Session

    Skinny Ms. Fitness has chosen four yoga videos for beginners of varying levels.  A yoga mat is needed for the following videos.  Namaste! Yoga for beginners: Forward to minute 11 to begin class. Exercise and health are …

  • Yoga Videos for Pregnancy Thumbnail

    Yoga Videos for Pregnancy

    Welcome to yoga class for moms to be!  Skinny Ms. Fitness has gathered three excellent yoga videos of varying lengths for pregnancy.  Grab a yoga mat and get prepared to relax your mind, body and soul.  Namaste! …

  • Ten Myths of Yoga

    Ten Myths of Yoga

    The practice of Yoga has become a widespread phenomenon in recent years. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about the ancient form of relaxation and self-transformation. Yoga is a sport. Although many people like to think …

  • Yoga as an Art Form

    Yoga as an Art Form

    Yoga is an art form in which the mind, body and soul are all connected and act as one. While people practice yoga for different reasons, the effect it has on everyone’s mind, body and soul is …

  • Top Five Stretching Videos for Flexibility

    Top Stretching Videos for Flexibility

    Grab a yoga mat and get ready to stretch! Below are two stretching videos designed to improve flexibility.

  • Getting Started With Yoga Thumbnail

    Getting Started With Yoga

    If you are new to yoga, the thought of bending your body into the shape of a pretzel may not particularly appeal to you. But like many, you may still be intrigued by the idea of a …

  • Types Of Yoga

    Yoga is a “world unto itself”. It has it’s own language, and for many, that just confuses the issue. If the thought of doing a downward dog makes you want to sniff a fire hydrant, then there …

  • Getting Back Into Yoga Thumbnail

    Getting Back Into Yoga

    If you used to practice yoga on even a semi-regular basis but then, for whatever reason, let it fall by the wayside, you’re not alone. I first turned to yoga when I could barely breathe in my …

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