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  • 6 Tips for Taming a Sweet Tooth Thumbnail

    6 Tips for Taming a Sweet Tooth

    Think you can’t beat your sweet tooth! Our tried-and-true tips will surprise you!

  • 10 Ways to Make the Healthier Lifestyle Transition Easier THUMBNAIL

    10 Easy Ways to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Try these simple steps to a healthier you!

  • Spiced-Cinnamon-Coffee Thumbnail

    10 Healthier Alternatives to Your Usual Morning Joe

    Clean up your morning coffee with these clean & lean alternatives.

  • 6 Reasons to Add Almonds to Your Diet Thumbnail

    6 Reasons to Add Almonds to Your Diet

    Almonds rock. Here’s why.

  • 10 Ways to Live Longer Thumbnail

    10 Ways to Live Longer

    Live long and prosper with our 10 simple tips!

  • 10 Natural Remedies to Help You Say, “So Long!” to PMS Thumbnail

    10 Natural Remedies to Say, “So Long!” to PMS

    Say, “So Long” to PMS!

  • VietnamThumbnail

    The Best Destinations For Healthy Eating

    **This article was contributed by Virginia Cunningham. Virginia is a mother of three and has a keen interest in parenting issues, nutrition, and mompreneurship. Her oldest son has special needs, so she is a huge advocate for special needs education …

  • Environmental Toxins Linked to Weight Gain and Prediabetes

    **This post has been contributed by, Dr. Sarah Cimperman.  Dr. Cimperman is a naturopathic doctor in private practice in New York City. She is the author of the new book, The Prediabetes Detox: A Whole-Body Program to Balance Your Blood …

  • 7 Foods to Boost Your Health and Longevity

    Do you want to live a long life? More importantly, do you want to live a long, healthy life? While there are no guarantees about how long you might live or what your health might be like …

  • 6 Ways to Detox Your Body

    Feeling tired? Drained? Stressed? Do you need a bit more get-up-and-go? Toxins from the food we eat or our environment may be weighing us down. It might be time to try detoxing body strategies that will help …

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