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  • How-Healthy-is-My-Holiday-Ham--300x300

    How Healthy Is My Holiday Ham?

    Find out what’s in your holiday ham.

  • SaltedCaramelApplePie1

    6 Scrumptious Pie Recipes

    Pie that’s healthy and delicious is a favorite this season!

  • Veggie Stuffing Thumbnail

    Holiday Vegetable Stuffing

    Stuff your guests with veggies this season!

  • Homemade Cranberry Jam

    Homemade Cranberry Jam

    Enjoy the taste of cranberry throughout the season!

  • 29-Weight-Watchers-Holiday-Recipes-300x300

    29 Weight Watchers Friendly Holiday Recipes

    Enjoy your favorite holiday foods without the guilt.

  • kinny Pumpkin Spiced Latte Recipe

    Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Celebrate fall with a DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  • Ginger Spice Cookies Thumbnail

    Holiday Ginger Spice Cookies

    Bake a batch of clean eating treats!

  • Homemade Plum Sauce Thumbnail

    Homemade Plum Sauce

    Cut the sugar in this fruity blend for a sweet, healthy treat!

  • 2014-10 Pumpkin Latte 4

    Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

    Your sweet tooth will enjoy the indulgence and your body an abundance of health benefits!

  • Pan Roasted Candied Pecans Thumbnail

    Pan Roasted Candied Pecans

    Slightly sweetened with pure maple syrup, these crunchy treats go great in salads.

  • Best Sangria Recipe- Red Sangria, White Sangria, Blue Sangria in One Glass Thumbnail

    11 Delicious Ways to Make this 4th of July Sparkle

    Celebrate the 4th of July with pure deliciousness.

  • Red, White & Blue Lemonade Thumbnail

    Red, White, and Blueberry Lemonade

    An American classic with a patriotic punch.

  • Slow-Cooker-Lasagna Thumbnail

    Slow Cooker Lasagna

    Our slow cooker lasagna is bursting with flavor and is a snap to prepare. The combination of tomatoes, parmesan, and basil give it an umami kick that will have everyone asking for the recipe. And the use …

  • Clean Eating Apple Pie Thumb

    Clean Eating Apple Pie

    What better way to impress your guests than with a dessert that is an all-American comfort food? Our Clean Eating Apple Pie is just as scrumptious as traditional recipes, but is made only with whole, quality ingredients. …

  • Cinnamon Spiced Coffee Thumbnail

    Cinnamon Spiced Coffee

    This simple, spiced cinnamon coffee is perfect to make for guests during the holidays, and for family and friends throughout the cold months. Serve it with holiday desserts, such as this Gluten-free and Dairy-free Salted Caramel Apple …

  • Holiday Apple Pie Martini Thumbnail

    Holiday Apple Pie Martini

    Choose an apple pie martini or mocktini recipe for the quintessential fall and winter martini recipe. A little bit of allspice, and a blend of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, give apple pie its flavor, and when added to …

  • Sweetly Spiced Granola with Amaranth Raisins and Pecan Pieces Thumbnail

    Sweetly Spiced Granola

    Make this spiced granola recipe for yourself, or put it together for gifts! Place the spiced granola in a jar and seal with a lid to give to friends, coworkers, or family as little holiday presents. This granola …

  • Slow Cooker Cranberry Poached Pears Thumbnails

    Slow Cooker Cranberry Poached Pears

    A chill is in the air.  This slow cooked healthy dessert of poached pears, or pears with cinnamon and ginger in cranberry juice, is an ode to the season. Slow cooked for 3 to 4 hours, the …

  • Creamy Holiday Eggnog Thumbnail

    Creamy Holiday Eggnog

    What’s the holiday season without a nice, creamy glass of eggnog? This creamy eggnog recipe is made lighter here and can be served with the rum or without.  Sometimes it’s a challenge making egg dishes or healthy …

  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes Two Ways- Candied Maple or Savory & Herby Thumbnail

    Roasted Sweet Potatoes Two Ways: Candied Maple or Savory & Herby

    Looking for a sweet potatoes recipe that’s nutritious and delicious? Here, we have two recipes for roasted sweet potatoes:  Candied Maple and Savory & Herby.  The savory sweet potatoes with onions, peppers, and herbs make a great …

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