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  • Asian-Salad-with-Crispy-Chicken thumbnail

    5 Healthy, Low-Cal Dinners to Make This Week

    Low-Calorie options that tastes amazing, too!

  • 6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Recipes

    So, what’s the skinny on coconut oil? Whether you’ve been paging through health magazines or cruising Pinterest, chances are good that you’re seeing more about coconut oil usage. Well, if you want to start using this oil in your menu …

  • 12 Snacks to Take Along While Shopping to Avoid the Temptations

    We’ve all been there before…rushing through the grocery store aisles on an empty stomach. When you’re famished, EVERYTHING looks good. Shopping on an empty stomach is a no-no if you want to lose weight and feel healthy—it’s just too easy …

  • skinny-mini-desserts-Quinoa-Almond-Joy-Bars Thumbnail

    10 Clean-Eating Snacks Under 150 Calories

    Photo: Quinoa Almond Joy Bars Snack alert! It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or just take charge of your health, finding clean-eating snacks should be on your to-do list. It’s time to banish the processed who-knows-what’s-in-it stuff …

  • 5 Guilt-Free Comfort Foods with Fewer than 275 Calories

    Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese If you’re like us, you do your best to eat lightly the majority of the time, but when the going gets tough, you’ve just gotta have something a bit heavier to fill …

  • 5 Clean-Eating Lunches to Take to Work

    It can be tough finding lunch recipes that are both convenient and healthy. Things seem even more complicated if you are trying to eat clean. Lunch meals need to be quick and easily transportable, but without sacrificing …

  • 6 Guilt-Free Meals for Under 250 Calories

    Creating a guilt-free menu is a tough challenge for dieters. Low calorie menus are often void of flavor and leave you feeling less than satisfied. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy foods and recipes that are perfect …

  • 15 Clean-Eating Night Time Snacks

    Do late night munchies have you circling the kitchen like a hungry shark? If so, you’re not alone. Night time snacks have sunk more than one healthy eating plan by loading the body with processed additives and …

  • 5 Skinny Dinners to Satisfy Your Comfort Food Cravings

    Stop denying your food cravings! Instead eat healthy foods that satisfy even your most indulgent cravings.

  • Top 7 Vitamin D Rich Foods Good For Optimal Health

    Got your D? Vitamin D, that is. This nutrient is a must-have for calcium absorption, which is especially important as we age and our bones become more vulnerable to osteoporosis. Recent research also suggests that low vitamin …

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