Fitness 101: Absolute Beginner’s Workout

Fitness 101- Absolute Beginner's Workout

In less than 5 minutes per day you can begin to get fit. Fitness 101 for Beginner’s is a workout designed for anyone new or returning to fitness. This routine is a great way to gradually build endurance and strength. The routine below requires no special equipment. Be sure to watch the video demonstrations of the exercises.  Let’s get moving!

Equipment Needed: Desk, kitchen countertop, or wall for pushups

What To Do: Complete 2 rounds; rest 20 seconds after each move; perform routine 4 times weekly for 30 days


1. March in Place – 1 minute
2. Body Squats – 15 repetitions
3. March in Place – 1 minute
4. Standing Push-ups – 15 repetitions

March in Place (knees up)

Body Squats

Standing Pushups

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