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Gain Upper Body Strength with this Routine

by Skinny Ms.

Women are often lacking upper body strength- something that is so necessary for everything we do! Lifting kids, carrying bags while running errands, tasks at work…so many activities in our daily life require some muscle! This workout is about gaining upper body strength while toning and defining the upper body.

Equipment Needed: 2-3 sets of dumbbells; a flat bench, stability ball, or floor with a mat

What To Do For This Workout: Move through the stretching routine one time, then begin performing the exercises one after the other in a circuit. Increase the weight with each set. For example, with the first set of chest presses use 3 lb dumbbells, second set use 5 lb dumbbells, and last set use 8 lb dumbbells. It’s recommended to perform an upper body workout 1-2 times each week to gain upper body strength.

Beginner: Perform the following circuit of exercises 2 times.
Intermediate: Perform the circuit of exercises 3-4 times.
Advanced: Perform the circuit of exercises 4-5 times.

Watch all video demonstrations before performing exercises.

Jumping Jacks – 30 …perform only once
Rest – 10 seconds
Push-ups – 25 reps (below are 3 variations to chose from depending on fitness level)
Rest – 10 seconds
Chest Press – 12 reps
Rest – 10 seconds
Dumbbell fly – 12 reps
Rest – 30 seconds


Push-ups – 10-25 reps
Beginners: Kitchen/desk push-ups; stand 3′ from your counter top or desk, place hands shoulder width a part, bend forward being sure to keep abs tight and flex your tricep muscles when returning to the starting position
Intermediate: Knee push-ups
Advanced: Military style push-ups

Knee push-ups

Military push-ups

Chest Press

Dumbbell fly

Total Body Transformation

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