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Medicine Ball Workout

The medicine ball is one of the simplest, yet most effective pieces of exercise equipment out there.  Medicine ball workouts can help you sculpt and tone every area of your body with one simple, easy to use device – and to make matters easy, it’s a pretty cheap investment! These medicine ball exercises will show you the versatility of the medicine ball, while being a dynamic total body workout that’ll leave you feeling like you just got a real dose of fitness medicine!

Equipment Needed: medicine ball, intervall timer

What to Do: Perform 3 sets of the routine trying to take only 30 seconds rest in between exercises. Repeat the workout 2-3 times a week on non-consecutive days using a 3-10 lb Medicine Ball depending on your fitness level. See the videos below for demonstrations of the exercises.


1. Pushup – Be in a pushup position, but with both hands on the medicine ball. Do a pushup slowly coming up and down working those stabilizer muscles of the shoulder. Do 12 reps. Note: A variation of this can be done on your knees to make it easier.

2. Lunge with Twist – Lunge forward with your left leg keeping your knee above your foot. Twist the Medicine Ball to the left (the side of the leg you are lunging with). Then lunge with your right foot and twist the medicine ball to the right. Do 12 reps total, 6 on each side.

3. Standing Russian Twist – Standing upright with your knees slightly bent, rotate the medicine ball from one side to another. Do 12 reps total, 6 on each side.

4. Squat Press – Stand in a squatting position with your body centered squarely over both bent knees.  Squat with both legs and as you come up press the medicine ball above your head, bring it back down as you release the squat. Repeat 12 times.

5. Plank with Leg Lift – Be in a plank position with your hands on the medicine ball. While maintaining the plank position, gently lift one leg up off the floor and then the other. Do 12 reps, 6 on each leg.

6. Woodchoppers – Holding the Medicine Ball above your head on your one side, come across your body bending at the knees and touching it to the floor on the other side. Then switch sides. Repeat 6 times on each side.

7. Curls – Curl the medicine ball like you would a dumbbell, but instead with both hands hold the medicine ball and curl up and down with both arms at once. Do 12 reps.


Lunge with Twist

Standing Russian Twist

Squat Press

Plank with Leg Lift



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