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Saving & Printing Recipes On Skinny Ms. With ZipList

by Skinny Ms.

Saving & Printing Recipes On Skinny Ms. With ZipList

If you’re searching for the best way to save your favorite recipes from Skinny Ms. we have a solution that is as simple as 1-2-3.  Save recipes to your personal favorites on ZipList and save favorites from dozens of other popular sites.

Signup with ZipList- quickly create a free account by visiting the RECIPE BOX. Once logged in, you can simply add recipes to your recipe box from Skinny Ms., or any site using ZipList.

To check the recipes in your recipe box, simply click on the “Recipe Box” link in the red navigation bar at the top of the site.

Saving & Printing Recipes On Skinny Ms. With ZipList Image001

Click the SAVE RECIPE button to Save the Recipe or select Print

Saving & Printing Recipes On Skinny Ms. With ZipList

Ziplist’s mobile app enables you to take your shopping list, grocery deals, recipe box and checklists with you wherever you go. Add to and organize your list, sync up with family members, and even scan barcodes to add items you need for the week. Check off items you add to your cart with one touch as you shop.

Ziplist’s  Mobile App
Need to pick up something at the grocery store or find a recipe on-the-fly? Don’t worry, we have an app for that, and it’s free. ZipList goes wherever you go. Our free mobile apps for iPhone and Android let you take your shopping list, recipe box and checklists wherever you go. Update your list while out and about, or scan barcodes to add items to your shopping list. Even search for dinner recipes while standing in the middle of a grocery aisle. Be sure to select your local stores to view your list by aisle order, and then check off items with one touch as you shop.

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3 Responses to Saving & Printing Recipes On Skinny Ms. With ZipList

  • Pam's Vsg says:

    this is great! and then the ap too! perfect! I actually found an awesome recipe on here on my first vist, tired to c&p it, got home, started making it and realized i didnt have all the directions! went to your site at home and couldnt find the recipe! so this wouold have made things a lot easier! Just fyi..i winged it from about mid point, it was ok, but im sure not as good as it would have been!

  • Lisa Zellner says:

    There used to be the blue save option on recipes and there used to be a red navigation bar. Now the navigation bar is purple, there is no recipe box button and on each recipe there is no save recipe button. The site was working so well. what is the problem. I am using the app on my desk top and lap top

    This is frustrating.

    • SkinnyMs says:

      Lisa Zellner, Thanks for letting us know. The error has been corrected and you should be seeing them now, once you reload the page.

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