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The Blender is Your New Best Friend

by Skinny Ms.

blender post

If you want a tool that is convenient and can make healthy eating a breeze you need a good blender. It will not only save you time and money, but will assure you are getting the freshest, purest ingredients possible in your culinary creations. Why go broke on store-bought products that lose their freshness and are often full of preservatives? Get a blender and be a DIY girl. Your health and your pocketbook will thank you.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word blender? Smoothies of course! There’s no easier way to get a great start to the day than a fresh smoothie. Add your favorite ingredients and in a few short seconds you’ll be sipping an awesome power-punched breakfast that will give you an edge all day. There are many different smoothies available that offer an incredible amount of health benefits.

Need to get up and go in the morning? Forget the coffee, try the “Wake Me Up and Keep Me Going” smoothie. Had a great workout and need a protein boost? Consider a Skinnylicious Protein Boost Smoothie. Feeling a little sluggish or bloated? Detox and replenish with a cleansing Detox Smoothie Blend. There are endless possibilities and flavor combinations so you’ll never get bored.

Think blenders are just for smoothies? Think again. You can use your blender to make homemade soups, dips, sauces, shakes, and even desserts. Blenders give soups like butternut squash soup a creamy, luxurious texture. Don’t want to use the stove on a hot summer day, use your blender to whip up a quick gazpacho or batch of salsa, and maybe even a fresh fruit sorbet for dessert.

A good blender will make you a better cook! It’s true! A great blender makes it easier to get the right textures and flavor blends in your food and drinks. Having a proper, easy-to-use and multi-purpose appliance also saves time and space in the kitchen. Why fumble around with tons of gadgets when a good blender can do so much at once?

To get the most benefits from your blender, you’ll want to invest in one that is powerful enough to handle a variety of tasks, from crushing ice to smoothly blending a variety of ingredients. We recommend a few different blenders depending on your needs and budget.

Vitamix Blenders are often referred to as “the Ferraris of blenders” because they are the golden standard in heavy duty blenders.  Vitamix has THE Top-Notch blenders recommended by professionals and those that want to get the most nutrition from their food, and want a durable, long-lasting machine. Vitamix blenders are very heavy duty, and come with a 7 year warranty and have a self-cleaning mode. *USE THIS SKINNY MS. PROMO CODE FOR FREE SHIPPING ($25 US/$35 CA value): 06-009643

The Ninja Kitchen Mega System offers a food processor, high powered blender, and single serving blender All-in-One. Follow this link to get $140 off the system.

Cuisinart Blenders tend to be mid-level and mid-priced. They may not pulverize a raw apple into juice, but they can blend most smoothie ingredients in a snap.

The Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart Blender   is affordable, durable and has great features and is super easy to clean. Its one touch automatic cycle blends smoothies perfectly the first time – no need to stop and stir like with other models.


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2 Responses to The Blender is Your New Best Friend

  • Ian says:

    Hi there, I am wondering how many smoothies per day do you think is "too much". I am pretty much hooked on them and can whipp up to 3 sometimes 4 and at the end of the day I hardly eat any solid food at all. Do you think thats bad? The smoothie blender really is my new best friend indeed :)

    • SkinnyMs says:

      It's necessary to eat solid food so that all of your body's digestive processes get a chance to work. It's great that you love smoothies because they do contain a lot of nutrients. Please ensure that you are eating grains and proteins as well:)

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