10-Day Run/Walk Program

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New routines force our bodies to change for the better to accommodate new movements. Most running programs start with walking, in order to get our bodies used to the demand. Once we start running, walking for fitness seems like a foreign idea. But adding walking to your running program can make a huge difference in your results.

Our 10-day run/walk program is a fun challenge for intermediate runners. The combination of walking, running, and jogging causes our bodies to work at different levels to compensate for the energy we’re exerting. After running for a specific time, cardio walking provides us with an active recovery. This keeps our bodies working while we catch our breath and prepare for the next round of work.

The switch up of exercises makes this run/walk program an amazing fat blaster without the long runs and joint discomfort. Cardio walking allows us to walk at a fast pace, while still getting weight loss benefits. Cross training is used in exercise programs to give your body some rest from the target muscle areas you’re focused on. Although running is a full body sport, your legs bear the brunt of the work during a running program. Our two suggested cross-training exercises target your core and entire body. A strong core is essential for adding more miles to your run. The total body workout will help strengthen your muscles and make your runs feel more productive.

Day 1: ¼ mile cardio walk, ¼ mile jog. Repeat to total 1 mile.

Day 2: ¼ mile jog, ¼ mile cardio walk. Repeat to total 1 mile.

Day 3: Cross Training

Day 4: ½ mile run, ¼ mile cardio walk. Repeat for 12 minutes

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: ½ mile run, ¼ mile cardio walk. Repeat for 15 minutes

Day 7: Cross Training

Day 8: ½ mile run, ¼ mile cardio walk. Repeat for 20 minutes

Day 9: Rest

Day 10: ½ mile jog, ¼ mile cardio walk, ½ mile run, ¼ mile cardio walk. Repeat for 20 minutes

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