10 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

Simple changes to help you shed pounds

If you’re crashing hard on the weight loss plateau, you understand how frustrating it is to see that scale stuck at the same old number. The good news is that losing weight can sometimes be as simple as making small, but important, lifestyle changes. Read on for 10 reasons you aren’t losing weight:

1. Skipping meals
Missing a meal slows your metabolism, which means that when you do eat again, the body won’t burn as many calories as it otherwise would. Eat four to six small meals each day. Visit Skinny Ms. Meal Planning for loads of healthy ideas so delicious you won’t want to skip a meal.

2. Drinking too many calories

Healthy Lemon-Ginger Sparkling Water

A regular soda packs as many as 150 calories in a 12-ounce can. A 5-ounce glass of wine may have as much as 130 calories. Stick to water or lightly naturally-sweetened beverages, like Healthy Lemon-Ginger Sparkling Water or Zingy Pink Grapefruit Soda. Tough time going cold turkey? Start by swapping out one sugared drink each day.

3. Getting top-heavy with toppings
Is your healthy salad or sandwich topped with extra calories and fat? One of the most simple weight loss techniques is to avoid unhealthy toppings—bacon, croutons, heavy salad dressings—and start enjoying these 11 Tasty Salad Toppings for Weight Loss.

4. Pumping up portion sizes
Your portion sizes may be larger than they need to be, and the result is the consumption of too many calories. Learn tips for paring down portions (and your weight!) in 6 Ways to Reduce Portion Size.

5. Eating mindlessly

10 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

A couple of crackers. Leftover crust from the kids’ pizza slices. It’s easy to get into the mindless munching habit. Those calories add up more quickly than you might think. Use a food journal (on paper, on a spreadsheet, or with an app) to keep tabs on what you’re consuming. Find out more in The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal.

6. Moving too little
Even with regular exercise, it can still be tough to fit in as much activity as the body needs. So make movement a priority by taking the dog for an extra walk or choosing the stairs over the elevator. Learn more in How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day- 5 Can-Do Tips.

7. Developing muscle
Muscle tissue weighs more than fat. If you’ve been shedding fat and replacing it with lean muscle, the scale may be moving down more slowly—or not at all. Put less emphasis on the scale and more on how you look and feel. Reassure yourself with 25 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights.

8. Boring the muscles

15 Yoga Poses to Zen Out Your BodyRocking the same exercise routine for a long time acclimates the muscles to the movement, making them work more efficiently—and that translates into fewer burned calories. Mix up the routine occasionally by challenging the muscles in new ways. Find a fresh workout by visiting Skinny Ms. Fitness.

9. Sitting all day
Research suggests that after sitting for a few hours, the body produces significantly less lipase, a protein that helps break down fat [1]. If you sit a lot at work, make time to regularly get up and move. Try these Desk Push-Ups. Or consider switching to a standing desk, if possible at your workplace, to keep muscles engaged throughout the day.

10. Skimping on sleep
Lack of shut-eye lowers the metabolism and negatively affects hormones related to hunger [2]. Set a regular sleep schedule, and relax the body and mind with Evening Yoga for Relaxation.

What weight loss techniques, tips, or tricks have helped you? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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