10 Simple Ways to Detox

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6. Work it out.

Slim Down with the Walk:Run Plan1

Experts suggest sweat itself doesn’t necessarily detox the body. Rather, exercise helps the body’s ability to move waste through the colon and kidneys [1]. Another benefit is that all that movement boosts circulation, which helps the body better flush out junk. Get your body detox on with Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan like the 21-Day Learn to Run Challenge or our 14-Day Get Moving Workout Plan.

7. Exfoliate.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it’s often on the front lines when it comes to toxins, particularly those in the environment. Remove toxins from the skin and boost circulation, which helps remove cell waste, by exfoliating regularly. Treat yourself to a DIY Citrus Body Scrub or this DIY Raspberry Body Scrub.

8. Love your lemons.

Antioxidants in lemons are believed to activate liver enzymes, leading to better natural detoxification. Start off each morning with one of these refreshing lemon waters: Lemon Ginger Detox Drink or Morning Lemon & Mint Detox Water.

9. Get those zzzz’s.

You might not normally associate sleep with body detoxing; however research suggests the brain’s more efficient at removing waste from cells during sleep [2]. Ramp up your snooze time with a 6-Minute Workout for Better Sleep, or learn the 5 Things That Keep You From Getting Your Zzzz’s.

10. Ditch soda.

Simple detox tips like eliminating soda (regular and diet!) are a surefire way to reduce exposure to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Make the healthy switch by trying our 30-Day No Soda Challenge, or enjoy sipping these 4 Healthy Alternatives to Diet Soda.


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