10 Stress-Relieving Superfoods

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Veggie Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

6. Portabello Mushrooms
Portabello mushrooms are a great addition to any stress-relieving meal. Other than salmon, mushrooms are one of the foods highest in vitamin D. Vitamin D acts as a happiness vitamin. Lack of this vitamin has been linked to depression, a weakened immune system, and elevated cancer risk. One great way to enjoy portobello mushrooms is to have them stuffed with your favorite flavors. Try this cheese stuffed mushroom recipe. For a diet-friendly dish, try this veggie stuffed portabello mushroom.

7. Eggs
Eggs do double duty when it comes to coping with stress. Egg whites are a great source of tryptophan, the amino acid famously blamed for the Thanksgiving coma. Tryptophan is essential in building different kinds of protein, including serotonin and melatonin, which play important roles in good moods. Egg yolks are high in vitamin B, which means you’re getting a healthy dose of mood-boosting chemicals. Browse our breakfast recipes for ideas on different ways to prepare eggs.

8. Yogurt
A 2013 UCLA study found a possible connection between gut and mood. They concluded that consuming high-probiotic yogurt may reduce activity in the stress areas of the brain. Recipes such as this Peanut Butter Honey yogurt and this Mint Strawberry Yogurt are exciting ways to incorporate probiotics in your diet. You can read more in this article on 8 Interesting Ways to Use Yogurt.

9. Oatmeal
Carbs are a quick source of energy and are also believed to play an important role in the making of serotonin. This is why we often crave carbs as a comfort food. Instead of grabbing a sugary treat, opt for slow-digesting carbs with fiber to control your blood sugar. Oatmeal is a great way to get carbs without all the added sugar. The warmth and familiarity of oatmeal helps us feel comforted during moments of high stress. Read more about the different ways you can use oats in the kitchen.

10. Bananas
Bananas are famous for their potassium, which makes them a great stress relieving food. During moments of high stress when your blood pressure is elevated, potassium helps regulate your blood pressure. Getting your daily banana keeps your heart at its best during stressful semesters or stressful projects at work.

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