14-Day Guide to Lose 5 Pounds

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Exercise is imperative to weight loss, but it does more than allow you to shed a few inches. The right exercise regime will strengthen your muscles and sculpt your figure while melting those pesky pounds. And you don’t have to spend hours sweating it out on the treadmill or elliptical to squeeze in an effective workout. Instead, find a fun, doable workout you actually enjoy, and exercise 5-6 days out of the week for 30-45 minutes. Try alternating between strength training and cardio workouts in order to maintain a revved up metabolism and a fat-burning state. Meanwhile, the calories you burn exercising will add to the calorie deficit necessary to knock off 5 pounds.

For the next two weeks, pick an appropriate workout for your fitness level, and alternate between weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

Looking for effective, fat blasting workout regimes? Pick from the following exercise routines.
Fitness Challenges
Fat Blasters
Strength Training

New to the whole exercise thing?

These awesome Beginners Workouts will build a strong foundation to improving endurance, building muscle, and boosting stamina.


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