15 Quick Weight Loss Tips

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Effective Methods for Weight Loss


Don’t waste one more moment of your life living off fad diets that won’t set you up for weight loss success. Instead, try these 15 quick weight loss tips, so that you can start taking positive steps in the right direction.

The key to maintaining long-term weight loss and staying at your ideal weight is making these tips part of your regular routine. If you want to look like your best, most fabulous self, it’s not about dieting; it’s about making consistent, healthy lifestyle choices that nourish the body.

Ease your body and mind into a new healthier lifestyle by incorporating one or two of these quick weight loss tips at a time. As you become comfortable with the new changes, add a few more tips to your routine.

Learn the quick weight loss tips below, and, then, if you’d like to add even more firepower to your get-healthier strategy, check out our fresh new ebook, SkinnyMs. Clean Overhaul 30-Day Weight Loss Program. You’ll also find more can-do resources, such as healthy recipes, meal planning ideas, and exercise routines, by following SkinnyMs. on Pinterest.

1. Drink water.
Good ol’ H2O will fill your tummy so you’re less likely to snack, plus it’s a healthier alternative to beverages with added refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Try Strawberry-Basil Water for a flavor boost.

2. Love the 4-minute workout.
Tabata-style workouts raise the heart rate quickly and jumpstart the metabolism so you burn fat and build lean muscle. Check out 6 Fat-Burning, 4-Minute Workouts.

3. Cut back on takeout.
If you’ve fallen into a takeout rut, now’s the time to make better choices for yourself. Instead prepare healthy homemade recipes like Philly Cheese & Chicken Sandwich or Slow Cooker General Tso’s Chicken.

4. Eat a nutritious breakfast every day.
Satisfy hunger and energize yourself with one of these Healthy Breakfast Recipes.

5. Move during commercial breaks.
Whether you’re binge watching The Walking Dead or catching up on Empire, get up and move during commercials. Stretch in front of the tube or walk a few laps around the house.

6. Rock out to ramp up.
Motivate movement by listening to heart-pumping tunes. Get your groove on with the Ultimate Workout Playlist.

7. Eat more veggies every day.
Make vegetables part of most meals with a veggie side dish or salad, or add one of these Vegetarian Recipes to your menu.

8. Try a new workout.
Re-motivate yourself and challenge muscles to work harder by switching up the workout routine. Give our Ditch the Workout- Let’s Zumba a go.

9. Take a walk.
Don’t let a busy day prevent you from moving. Grab a quick walk during lunch, or invite a pal for a stroll around the neighborhood park. Discover more ideas for quick weight loss tips with How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day- 5 Can-Do Tips.

10. Walk to a coworker’s desk instead of texting or emailing.
Simple swaps, like trading electronic messages for face-to-face time, add up when it comes to sneaking in physical activity.

11. Keep a food journal.
Know what’s going into your body by keeping tabs on what you eat and how much you’re eating. Learn the Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal.

12. Freeze pureed veggies to add to soups and pasta sauces.
Puree fresh vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, or sweet potatoes, and then freeze. When you’re making a sauce or soup, thaw the puree and add it to the recipe for an extra dose of filling nutrients. Bonus: This is an excellent way to get kids an extra dose of veggies on the sly.

13. Trade fruit juice for whole fruit.
Processed juices often contain added sugar or sweeteners, so swap them out for the real deal, like fresh apples or oranges.

14. Get your smoothie on.
Healthy homemade smoothies hydrate, nourish, and satisfy without the processed junk found in many store-bought products. Check out Smoothie Central on Skinny Ms.

15. Don’t skip meals.
Skipping meals increases hunger and makes it more likely you’ll snack on unhealthy foods or overeat at your next meal.


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