15 Ways to Stay Fit During the Workday

Stay on track, even at work!

Struggling to stay committed to your daily workouts? We understand! Work takes up most of your day, and, for some people, it’s their life. There is nothing wrong with being a workaholic. In fact, it’s an admirable quality! So whether you work at a desk, in a school, or in retail, we’ve got 15 Way to Stay Fit During the Workday for you!

Sitting on  your bum all day can take a toll on your weight loss journey, and even running around with your kids all day can drain you of the energy you need to go lift weights! Take these tips and try to apply a few each day. Soon you’ll be sneaking in ways to burn more fat throughout your average workday!

1. Stairs versus Elevator.
Unless you work on the 42nd floor of a skyscraper, then you really have no excuse not to at least try to take the stairs every once in awhile! Scientists from the University of Roehampton found that climbing five flights of stairs five times per week – an ascent of around 15 meters – burned an average of 302 calories.

2. Take advantage of your lunch break.
You’re given a break to rejuvenate, catch your breath, and relax from work, which we know is completely necessary to keep up your performance at your job. But an hour can be a prime amount of time to fit in a quick workout, or maybe even just a walk around the block! If you have a sedentary job it is especially important that you get up and move around at least for a little bit.

3. Stand at your desk!
You burn more calories standing than sitting. So if you’re going to be at a desk doing computer work or editing, why not just stand and do it?

15 Ways to Stay Fit During the Workday

4. Get rid of your desk chair altogether!
Invest in a stability ball! If you don’t want to stand all day, but feel too sedentary with a regular desk chair, try out sitting on a stability ball. It will challenge your balance and engage your core while you work.

5. Medicine Ball Magic.
Just keep a small medicine ball under your desk and sneak in exercises throughout your day! It may not be one big workout at one time, but fitting in small sets of exercises throughout your day will quickly add up.

6. Isometric Abdominals!
All it takes to work your muscles is contracting them. Just simply contract your abs (squeeze your belly) while slightly bending forward, hold for a few seconds, and then release. Do this a few times and you’ll feel the burn!

7. Glute Squeezes.
Now do the same thing with your butt! Squeeze your bum. It may not lift your butt like a squat, but it’s a good way to secretly do some booty work.

8. Take a dance break.
This may sound silly, but if you’re super stressed at work and frustrated with life, what better to relieve stress than to dance it off? Just turn up your favorite jams, and have a solo dance party for 5 minutes. Not only are you burning calories, but you will instantly feel happier!

9. Drink Water!
Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. We can’t emphasize enough on how important it is that your body gets enough water. Check out these articles about why drinking water is so important: 4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water and H2 OH! The Role of Water in Your Weight Loss!

10. Plan ahead!
Work schedules are normally fit the definition of insane. Planning ahead and making an effort to fit in a small workout, whether at lunch time or before work, can really make a difference. Once you make the habit of fitting in workouts or making small exercises throughout your day, you’ll start seeing changes in your body and overall health!

15 Ways to Stay Fit During the Workday 001

11. Make wise choices…with snacks.
If you want to stay healthy on days that are busy and allow you no time to work out, the best thing that you can do to watch your figure is to watch what you put in your mouth. Eating clean is a big part of a weight loss journey, and we have plenty of easy recipes that will make your life so much easier! Like 25 Snacks Under 100 Carbs, 20 Healthy Snack to Have on Hand, and  5 Clean-Eating Lunches to Take to Work

12. Say no to vending machines, always.
Just remember that bringing healthy food from home is always better than any processed food in a vending machine. They may have “healthy” options, like pretzels, but as a general rule, it’s better just to stay away if you can!

13. Avoid Stress.
We laugh at this, too. However, it’s better for your body if you don’t let stress build up. It weakens down your immune system, makes you unhappy, and can impact your overall health and performance at work. Check out this Stress and Your Health article for information on how stress can affect you.

14. Make it a competition. 
Work environments often inspire teamwork and competition. So why not use that to motivate your office to do a weight loss competition? It makes you hold each other accountable, and requires encouragement while also pushing each other to improve.

15. Give yourself a break.
One of the most important things about fitness is giving yourself time to recover. When you’re determined to lose weight and get toned it’s easy to get so addicted to the feeling of working hard. However, if you don’t allow yourself time to recover, you’re going to increase your risk of injury and not allowing your muscles to recover will actually delay your muscle gains. So do what you’re body tells you to do. If you need to rest, then rest. If you need to eat better, eat clean.

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