17 Weight Loss Recipes that Won’t Put a Dent in Your Wallet

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Finances shouldn’t keep you from making lifestyle changes. Whether you’re a college student on a budget or a parent working to make ends meet, everyone has the right to healthy, balanced meals, regardless of their backgrounds and economic status. Unfortunately, many specialty grocery stores that carry healthy organic produce and nutrient-packed superfoods have prices that would scare most of us right out the door. The trick is finding recipes that are healthy, clean, and use ingredients that anyone can find for cheap at a nearby grocery store.

Below are 17 Weight Loss Recipes that Won’t Put a Dent in Your Wallet. Many of these cheap weight loss recipes use ingredients that you can buy frozen in bulk or canned for long shelf life. Whenever possible, we do recommend that you buy fresh rather than canned food. It will help you avoid BPAs often found in canned food.

1. Easy Zucchini Fritters
This is an incredibly creative recipe made with a few simple ingredients that you can acquire anywhere.

2. Balsamic Roasted Carrots
It’s super easy to make this clean, low calorie salad with baby carrots, olive oil, vinegar, and some seasoning.

3. Open Faced Grilled Turkey Burgers
Invest in lean ground turkey and vegetables to make this cheap, low-calorie meal that you can pair with a salad or side of steamed veggies.

4. Slow Cooker Everything Chicken
This simple chicken breast recipe is easy to make and requires only six basic ingredients. You can make a large batch of chicken to use for salads, stews, sandwiches, or even freeze for later.

5. Green Bean & Tomato Salad
Veggies shouldn’t be bland. This green bean and tomato recipe proves that you can get your daily serving of vegetables in flavorful, hearty salads.

6. Cucumber with Feta and Herb Salad
This veggie salad is made with hydrating cucumbers, onions, and dill. It’s topped with crumbled feta cheese and an olive oil vinegar dressing that adds tons of clean, healthy flavor.

7. Chicken and Black Bean Chili
One serving of this chicken and black bean chili weighs in at just over 250 calories. It’s a great main dish that you can pair with your favorite steamed vegetables or with a slice of light bread.

8. Cuban Rice & Eggs Dinner
Rice and eggs are cheap and incredibly versatile. You can make all kind of healthy meals with them, like this cuban dinner recipe. A full hearty plate is under 500 calories, making it a perfect portion for dinner.

9. Spinach & Bean Burrito Wrap
Stuffed with fresh baby spinach, savory black beans, and spiced Mexican rice, these flavorful wraps won’t break you diet or bank account. They’re under 300 calories per wrap with zero trans fat and only one gram of saturated fat.

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