Weight Watchers – 30 WW Low-Point Dinners

Heavy on flavor but light on points. Who says losing weight can't be delicious?

11. Stuffed Bell Peppers  (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Stuffed Bell Peppers
Tender, juicy pepper skins are stuffed with a delectable mishmash of rice, olives, and aromatic spices. Their colorful presentation is captivating!

12. Hearty Lentil & Vegetable Soup (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This recipes has it all: high protein, low-calories, loads of flavor, and best of all, low points. Make this yummy soup for the entire family.

13. Veggie Shepherd’s Pie  (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Packed with nutritious veggies, protein, and filling fiber, this skinnier shepherd’s pie turns the traditionally unhealthy dish on its head.

14. Crock Pot Low-Fat Beef Stew  (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

This nourishing stew will bring you back to childhood with its soul-warming deliciousness. It’s also a breeze to make. Simply toss the wholesome ingredients in your crock pot and the appliance takes care of the rest!

15. Taco Chili (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Everything you love about tacos blended into a simmering chili. This full-flavored recipe is a clever solution on a busy day, and brings just 4 points to the table.

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