31 High-Fiber Foods

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Skinny Quinoa with Black Beans
7. White Beans – 11 grams in 1 cup
This savory Lemon Garlic Soup with White Beans and Kale makes a belly-warming dish on a chilly day.

8. Black Beans – 11 grams in 1 cup
This easy prep, one-pot Skinny Quinoa with Black Beans will become a scrumptious regular at the dinner table!

9. Kidney Beans – 11 grams in 1 cup
Whip up this scrumptious Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice dish!

10. Chickpeas – 12 grams in 1 cup
This colorful Barley Salad with Chickpeas, Fava Beans, and Peas makes a lovely, satisfying side dish!

11. Lentils – 16 grams in 1 cup
Dig into a healthy take on creamy risotto with this Lentils and Pea Risotto dish!

12. Edamame – 8 grams in 1 cup
These chewy, nutrient-rich legumes will rev up your system with lasting energy. For more energy-promoting foods, recharge the right way with these 21 Healthy Foods for a Quick Energy Boost!

13. Green Peas – 9 grams in 1 cup
These chewy delights are also chockfull of energy-boosting iron. For more iron-rich foods, check out these 21 Foods High in Iron!
14. Black Eyed Peas – 7 grams in 1 cup

Beans are major health boosters. These 8 Beans from the Mediterranean Diet offers a full spectrum of the nutrient-rich superstars, along with recipe ideas.
15. Fat-Free Refried Beans – 11 grams in 1 cup
Slim down with a tasty Tex-Mex dish featuring refried beans! Whip up this Healthier Burrito Pie Casserole!