4-Week Body Weight Workout Program

Learn how to effectively slim, tone, blast fat and sculpt your body.

Who knows your body better than you do? No one, and that’s why this calendar is perfect for you. Forget the dumbbells and machines. Don’t even think about kettlebells, you are your own gym. In 4 weeks we’ll teach you how to train, slim, tone, strengthen, blast fat and sculpt a work of art, all with your bare hands and feet. You might want sneakers though.

Body weight workouts have a rap sheet of benefits. We”ll only cover 3 because we want you to jump into the calendar! Many people, especially beginners tend to get injured at the gym using weights or machines and trying to do more than their body can at the moment. There is no excessive resistance to cause injury in body weight routines, its just you and your muscles until fatigue. There will be lots of fatigue. Next, body weight workouts are naturally fat blasters! They are designed to be high intensity, fast paced and structured to keep your heart rate going and kick-start your metabolism. Lastly, its all about time. Where most workouts take 45 minutes to an hour, a body weight workout can take 4-20 minutes and give you just as great results. Speaking of time, you can do many body weight workouts at home. You don’t have to drive anywhere or wait for space to clear out at a machine. Your home can be your fitness club!

Our body weight calendar is meant to challenge you in more ways than one. From Tabata, H.I.I.T, Yoga and Boot Camps, this calendar has enough variety to make everyday feel empowering and new. We aren’t there to shout at you during Boot Camp, but we’re there mentally cheering you on.

Stretch, stay hydrated and most importantly stick to your commitment! The results come, and by the end of this 30 day workout you will see the change you’ve been working for.

Equipment Needed: Interval Timer, yoga mat, flat bench or chair, water for hydration, and towels

Click each workout on the calendar to find your routine for the day.

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