Resistance Bands Challenge: Week 3 – Chest & Back

4 Week Resistance Bands Challenge- Week 3 - Chest & Back

Resistance bands are an ultra-light, ultra-portable universal gym in one small package! Last week’s workout was all about tightening and toning your legs and butt. This week’s challenge will strengthen and tone your chest and back. This workout is part 3 of our 4 Week Resistance Bands Challenge.

Equipment Needed: resistance band, interval timer, pole or stable surface to wrap the band around

Equipment Recommended: Interval Timer (Gymboss is a free app download), Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

What to Do: Below are instructional videos explaining the main movements you’ll rely on in these workouts. Once you watch them, the movements will eventually flow. Resistance bands provide a different type of burn, so don’t let the light weight fool you. If you want to increase the resistance on certain workouts, widen your stance. To decrease the resistance without jumping down a full band, use one foot and center it. Always bend slightly at the knees and keep your core tight. It is also important that you control your motion when moving down. Instead of letting gravity bring you down, perform a nice, controlled movement, allowing full control of the band. That will make all the difference! For best results, do this workout twice each week.

Please Note: If you have purchased new resistance bands, some need to be broken in and are challenging initially. Start with a lighter weight band and build to a more challenging one if needed.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
Advanced Level: 3 rounds

1. Resistance Push-up – 1 minute
2. Chest Press –  1 minute
3. Incline Chest Press –1 minute
4. Chest Fly – 1 minute
5. Seated Row – 1 minute
6. Reverse Fly – 1 minute
7. Bent Over Row – 1 minute

Resistance Pushups

Chest Press

Incline Chest Press

Chest Fly

Seated Row

Reverse Fly

Bent Over Row

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