5 Fit Living Habits and How-To Eat Fit

Easily stay fit with these simple tips!

Fit people don’t diet, and they don’t get the physique they have because they eat whatever they want. But they do have a freedom that comes along with their eating habits that may people who struggle with their relationship with food do not have. Why? Because fit people know that when they eat they are nourishing their bodies with nutrients, not just relishing in flavors and satisfying hunger, or cravings. The fit people you see have simply made a commitment to clean, healthy eating habits, and a fitness routine. Period.

Dieting, and loosing weight just for an event is not a lifestyle change that will provide lasting results. For many people growing up in families where nutrition was not a priority, this paradigm change is the most challenging part. So here are a few tips to help you make that change, along with foods that fit people eat just so you can get a good idea of what a day in the life of someone fully fit means, on your plate.

5 Fit Living Tips:

Eat for Longevity. Think of it this way, what you eat is what your body uses to heal, grow, and to fight off infections. Essentially, what you eat can either get you one step closer to health, or one step away from vitality and a longer life. Would you want to choose a meal packed with nutrients, or one that packs on pounds and makes you feel like sleeping and eating more? It is a simple choice (not always easy) but simple. Red grapes, peanut butter and whole grain toast will help keep your immune system strong, your muscles toned and your digestive system regular. Or you could have a drive-thru hamburger containing hormones, tons of calories and almost no real nutrients. This will make you sleepy, slow your digestion and leave you generally feeling drained, and possibly damage your good mood. Don’t let your schedule or your taste buds make the choice.

Don’t Eat Anything That isn’t Nutritious. Keeping disciplined eating habits means that your brain needs to make choices on your body’s behalf. Don’t allow emotional triggers, or a lack of time to lead you into a fast food “restaurant.” Just follow this one simple rule: Don’t put anything in your mouth that doesn’t nourish your body.

Eat When You Aren’t Hungry. Hunger is a force. It can leave you grabbing for anything that will provide relief from the nagging feeling in your belly. This is because your body needs sustenance and you have put it off too long. By eating before you feel hunger pangs, you will not only eat less, but you’ll have more time to choose a healthy option.

Eat Cheat Foods. Denying yourself of sweets, filing foods and the foods you love will only make your relationship with food a battle. Give yourself one day a week or one time-period of the day when you allow yourself to eat whatever you want, even if it’s a BigMac. What you will find is that these foods become less appealing as you develop a healthier relationship with foods that are good for you, and you will crave them less.

Exercise Every Day. Workouts should not feel like a death sentence. If they do, you are not exercising enough. Regular exercise even just 15 minutes a day not only burns calories, it also releases important brain chemicals and hormones that improve your mood. Raising your heart rate for 15 minutes a day improves oxygenation in your body further nourishing all body systems. Don’t obsess over weight loss, or muscle tone – just shoot for healthy habits, and healthy thoughts and you will get there.

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