5 Steps to Become a Morning Exerciser

Feel incredible all day simply by fitting exercise into your morning routine!

Does the thought of morning exercises make you dive back into bed, pillow firmly pulled over your head? Do you shudder thinking about doing squats before you’ve even had your morning coffee? The fact is that morning may be the only time you have to focus on your own fitness and well-being. That’s why you should check out these 5 steps to become a morning exerciser.

Healthy morning routines, like starting the day with a workout, are an ideal way to jumpstart the metabolism. You’ll begin burning calories before most people are out of bed—and you’ll continue to burn calories throughout the day. As a bonus, you’ll feel more energized and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you during the rest of the day.

Morning workouts are also the least likely to get sidelined by the regular things that interrupt even the most well-oiled schedule: think suddenly-sick cats that need to go to the vet or a meeting that slogs on twice as long as expected. Exercise in the a.m. gives you the benefit of working out consistently, which may make it easier to reach weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight long term.

So, why not start tomorrow morning? You have nothing to lose but extra pounds, and everything to gain with a healthier and fitter body that you’ll be proud to show off. Make the commitment to yourself right now—that’s right, this instant—that you’re going to make a positive change in your life. Yes, you can do this! Here’s how to get started with healthy morning routines:

5 Steps to become a Morning Exerciser:

1. Hit the Sack
Late nights are one sure way to oversleep new morning workouts. Plan to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night so you’re rested and ready for the alarm. Not only will proper sleep help you wake up for those morning exercises, it will also help you shed pounds. Learn more in How Sleep Affects Your Weight Loss.

2. Do What Works for You
If you’re not ready to schlepp to a gym, un-showered and barely awake, chances are good you won’t keep up a morning gym routine for long. Instead find an exercise routine you will stick to. For example, try one of our at-home workouts, which include video demonstrations. Start with Before You Shower Mini Morning Workout, perfect for beginner exercisers or people who simply aren’t used to a wake-up workout.

3. Take the Hassle Out of Morning Prep
Healthy morning routines don’t need to frazzle you. Gear up by preparing as much of your pre- and post-workout routine the night before: pack the gym bag, lay out work clothes, and prepare a post-workout snack. (Try one of these Quick and Easy Post-Workout Foods.) With everything ready to go the night before, the entire morning will go smoother. It’s also a smart idea to have an alternate plan in case bad weather sinks an outdoor workout. Bookmark a few Skinny Ms. workouts to do at home on rainy days.

4. Get into the Groove
Sometimes we need a little extra kick in the rear when it’s time for morning workouts. Put bounce in your step by listening to heart-pumping tunes, like this Workout & Running Playlist or Stay Inspired with These 75 Workout Songs.

5. Be Kind to Yourself
Shifting routines can be a challenge, even when you’re very motivated to take charge of your health. It’s easy to hit the snooze button after a late night or before a day with an overwhelming schedule. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a morning routine. Rather, recognize that failure does happen—but it doesn’t need to be permanent. Resolve to resume your positive changes when the alarm goes off tomorrow.

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