5 Superfoods that De-Bloat and Ease Digestion

Say buh-bye to bloat with these flat-belly foods!

We’ve all felt it- the uncomfortable, awkward sensation that your tummy has transformed into a balloon. Bloating can send you into a state of frustration and panic; you feel like you’ve put pounds as you struggle to squeeze into your favorite pants. Not to mention, that puffy feeling can strike whenever it likes, making it difficult to get excited about warmer weather and bikini season.

Luckily, bloating and weight gain are two completely separate things. Unlike fat accumulation, (which packs on the pounds,) bloating is caused from your body retaining too much air and water in the stomach, bowel, or colon. Numerous culprits can contribute to a blown-up middle, from indigestion and dehydration to your menstrual cycle.

Lucky for you, certain superfoods out there contain powerful properties that’ll banish bloat and keep you from feeling like an inflatable! These awesome foods pack in enzymes that improve digestion and relieve you from gassy discomfort. Meanwhile, they carry a boatload of beneficial nutrients your tummy will thank you for, so you really can’t go wrong by topping your grocery list with these 5 tasty noms!

1. Lemons

When it comes to flat belly foods, lemons definitely top the charts. Oftentimes, your body holds onto fluids when it is dehydrated, and this build-up of liquids triggers that balloon-like feeling in your stomach. Lemons act as a natural diuretic, meaning they’ll help push these fluids through your system, so drinking lemon water serves as a wonderful way to cleanse your body and banish bloat.

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2. Ginger

If you’ve got this herb handy on those anguishing bloat days, you’re sure in luck! Praised for thousands of years for its powerful health benefits, ginger can help reduce bloat by alleviating intestinal activity and relieving built-up gas from your digestive tract. As a bonus, the gingerols in ginger act as natural pain relievers and can banish the pain in your tummy that accompanies uncomfortable bloating.

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3. Cayenne Pepper

Don’t let a swelled-up stomach sabotage your day! For quick and effective bloating relief, spice it up with some cayenne! This zesty superfood stimulates digestion and relieves gas, while reducing abdominal pain and pressure. The capsaicin in this de-bloating spice acts as a digestive aid, while it can ward off symptoms of indigestion. As a bonus, the hot pepper boasts powerful fat-burning properties as it heats up your system, boost the metabolism, and reduces blood cholesterol levels.

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4. Garlic

Stinky breath is a small price to pay for the powerful benefits that come with this aromatic superfood. Garlic can help beat bloat by revving up the gastric system and helping to relieve gas. The potent herb wards off unwanted yeasts in the gut, and helps improve the digestion system. Although some might find raw garlic a bit aggressive on their system, (and taste buds!) garlic supplements are said to have effectiveness.

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5. Watermelon

One of the juiciest fruits on the market, this refreshing summertime treat is 92% water, making it uber-hydrating. As a natural diuretic, this melon beats bloat by reducing your body’s retained fluids. Meanwhile, sodium triggers bloating by dehydrating your system and encouraging your body to hold onto more liquid. This magical belly-deflating fruit is a great source of potassium, a nutrient that reduces the swelling effects of sodium.

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