7 Medicine Ball Moves to a Stronger Core

Balance your way to better abs!

Time to tone that core, stability ball-style! In order to get lean and mean abs, you need to challenge them. The stability ball is a great exercise tool to utilize either in the gym, or at home! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Changing up your equipment, exercises, or even types of cardio is a great way to jumpstart your workout.

Your core is an essential part of your body. It is the muscle group that stabilizes you when you walk, lift, or lose your balance. The stability ball offers something that will constantly work your abs…balance! You have to constantly keep your balance while exercising on the ball, so your abdominals are continuously contracting. Want to get a nice toned belly? Eat clean, do cardio, and try these 7 Medicine Ball Moves to a Stronger Core!

Equipment Needed: a stability ball, a medicine ball or 10 lb weight, water for hydration, and a soft surface to work out on i.e. a yoga mat.

What to Do: Perform 25 repetitions of each exercise and do the Superman exercise for 45 seconds. Take at least a 30 second break in between each exercise.

Beginners: complete the circuit 2 times
Advanced: complete the circuit 4 times


1. Stability Ball crunch
2. Right Side Crunch
3. Left Side Crunch
4. Stability Ball Knee Tuck
5. Stability Ball Plank
6. Medicine Ball Oblique Twist-on Stability Ball
7. Stability Superman

Watch the videos below for exercise demonstration.
Medicine Ball crunch

Right and Left Side Crunch

Stability Ball Knee Tuck

Stability Ball Plank

Medicine Ball Rotation-on Stability Ball

Stability Superman

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