7 Nights of Guilt-Free Desserts

Finally, dieting and desserts can belong together! When you make the right decisions and have a little bit of self-control, you can still have sweets while you are watching your weight. The more you deprive yourself, the more you want something and are more likely to binge. We’ve picked seven of our favorite desserts for a week’s worth of sweets. Be sure to sit down and enjoy each dessert, you deserve it!

Sunday: Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
Spend your Sunday afternoon baking this indulgent cheesecake. Invite some friends over to share, that’s if you’re willing to share this amazing cheesecake.

Monday: Chewy Oatmeal Cookies
Treat yourself to an old-fashioned favorite after your first day back at work.

Tuesday: Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream
Treat yourself to a refreshing bowl of ice cream after an evening workout. There’s no added sugar and you won’t feel guilty – just relieved!

Wednesday: Chocolate Pudding
Nothing cures hump-day like a bowl of creamy chocolate.

Thursday: Blackberry Raspberry Mini Cobblers
Everything is better when it’s mini and cute, right? Try to make this recipe with fresh berries that you can pick from a local farm…it will taste so much better and you’ll feel great about making something from scratch.

Friday: Balsamic Buttermilk Sherbet
Invite some friends over for appetizers and treat them afterward with this unique and TASTY sherbet.

Saturday: Fudge Brownie Bites
After a long day of running errands, cleaning the house and working out, indulge with these delicious brownie bites. No cooking required!

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