7 Ways to Stop Skipping Your Post-Work Workout

After work, hit the gym before you hit the couch!

After a stressful day at work, hitting the gym for even an hour can seem impossible. But you can make the seemingly impossible possible with these easy tips to stop skipping your post-work workout.

1. Simplify Your Workout

You don’t need to go to the gym or workout with complicated equipment every day. A quick cardio session with your favorite online video still counts as an awesome workout!

2. Pencil It In

If you need to workout after work, write it in your planner. Don’t let it become one of those optional “if I feel like it” things. This is an appointment you need to keep!

3. Make Yourself Accountable

Tell a friend you’re going to the gym after work. Better yet, invite that friend to meet you there. Just make sure some one knows your plan, so they can ask you about it later.

4. Keep Your Bag Where You Can See It

Pack your gym bag in the morning and leave it where you can see it – your passenger seat or even your desk if there’s room. Leave it as a constant reminder of your commitment, and get excited!

5. Plan Out the Week

Make out a workout schedule for the week and stick with it! Shape that week’s routine to your busy schedule so you won’t have an excuse. Your plan should be as detailed as possible, so you hit the gym on a mission!

6. Get Yourself a Snack

Have a healthy post-work/pre-workout snack prepped and ready when you leave work. This is going to give you energy for that upcoming mission and give you a little something to look forward to just after work.

7. Get the Look

Buy workout clothes you’re excited to wear. Save the baggy, old, ugly t-shirt for home and find some cute exercise gear you want to show off. Having an exciting new outfit to wear will boost your confidence and make you look forward to the gym.

A workout seems daunting when you’re just ending an exhausting workday, but the results are well worth the effort. Once you start your workout, whether at the gym or at home, you’ll get your second wind and find you have tons of energy!

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