9 Ways to Get a Butt Lift for Free

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4. Four Minute Butt Lift

4 Minute Butt Lift Workout

Anyone can find 4 minutes in their day. Get your lift here.

5. Climb & Descend Workout

10 x 10 Climb and Descend Workout

A move to hit every angle. Get a firm, round, tight butt here.

6. 4 Minute Beach-Ready Booty Blast

4-Minute Beach-Ready Booty Blast

Summertime is swimsuit time. See the workout here.


2 Comments on "9 Ways to Get a Butt Lift for Free"

  1. Emma  April 25, 2017

    “Grab this beginner’s workout to shape your sexist butt.”

    I’m pretty sure that my butt isn’t sexist, I’ve always thought that it was pretty unprejudiced, but I think I know what you meant! ?

    • Emilia Horn  April 26, 2017

      Oops! Thanks for catching that, Emma! It’s been fixed!


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