Eating Better on a Budget

There is a way to feed your family healthy foods on a budget!

Want to feed your family more healthy foods, but think it’s too expensive? Think again! There are many ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank and we’ve listed 8 tips that will make eating healthy and staying on budget much easier to manage!

1. Plan. Plan your meals BEFORE you head to the store. Make a list and stick to it. Find out what you already have to prepare each meal and what you are lacking; don’t buy items that are not on the list even if that item is on sale.

2. Get the best price. Look for sales or coupons, BUT ask yourself if it is an item that you will actually use. Don’t fall into the trap of buying an item just because it was a good deal. Some stores will even price match other ads; just ask!

3. Buy in bulk. It is almost always cheaper to buy items in bulk. Also, look for sales on fruits and vegetables or when you see great deals at the farmer’s market stock up and freeze what you won’t use within a few days.

4. Buy in season. Buying fruits and vegetables that are in season can lower the cost and add to the freshness! Visit your local farmer’s market and you will be sure to find what’s in season!

5. Convenience costs. Convenience foods like pre-cut fruits, vegetables, and certain meats often cost more. Spend a few minutes when you get home to wash, cut, and package your fruits and vegetables. You can accomplish this rather quickly while saving money in the process.

6. Look for items that are easy on your wallet. Certain foods typically cost less all year long. Try dried beans for an inexpensive source of protein as well as the whole chicken instead of select pieces.

7. Create several servings from one large batch. Prepare a large batch of chicken or vegetables in your down time and freeze several smaller portions to use throughout the week. When it’s time to prepare, all you have to do is defrost and add to your other ingredients. Serve!

8. Get creative. Spice up your leftovers—use them in new ways. Use leftover chicken or vegetables and create a new stir fry or salad or even create chicken salad sandwiches for the kids!

Written by Skinny Ms. MJ…read about MJ’s weight loss journey.

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