Get Up and Move Workout for Home or Office

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You have to admit that sitting at your home office or at a desk at work all day can be an extreme pain. Literally. Why not try a workout that’s easy for you to do no matter where you are? If you get stuck at the office late one night, but really want to get in your workout for the day, just try this Get Up and Move Workout for Home or Office! You don’t need a set of weights to get a good workout in!

You can always use a desk chair, a couch, a table, or stairs. Just be creative with ways to use your bodyweight to create exercises! This little workout is great at home with your kids, or in the office on lunch break. Here are some good at-home fat blasters that will go well with this at-home workout! Try 7 Minute Body Weight Blast Workout, Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout, and Do Anywhere Cardio Workout Challenge.

Equipment Needed: You, yourself, and your body weight! Don’t forget water for hydration, a couch or desk for push-ups, a chair for lunges, and a wall for squats.

How to do this workout: Don’t forget to do a small 5 minute warm up, you can do one of our quick Fat-Blasters, or follow our Warm-Up video. Do each exercise 15 repetitions (on both legs) for 3 rounds.

5 Minute Warm-Up
1. Push Ups on Desk
2. Desk Chair Lunge
3. Triceps Dip on Couch/Chair
4. Step up on Stairs
5. Chair/Couch Mountain Climber
6. Right Leg Sit Down Stand Ups
7. Left Leg Sit Down Stand Ups

Watch the videos below for a good demonstration of the exercises!

Push Ups on Desk 

Desk Chair Lunge 

Triceps Dip on Couch/Chair

Step up on Stairs 

Chair/Couch Mountain Climber

Right & Left Leg Sit Down Stand Ups

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