Get Ripped in 7 Moves

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Tone, define, and get ripped! This is a nonstop total body toning workout. Push your muscles to the limit in this 7 move workout. Get ready to get ripped!

Equipment Needed: One set of dumbbells of medium weight or dumbbells heavy enough to challenge your muscles while maintaining correct form.

What to Do: All fitness levels complete 12 repetitions of each move. For best results  perform this routine two times weekly. Review videos below for exercise demonstrations.

Beginner Level:
 Complete 1 round
Intermediate Level: Complete 3 rounds
Advanced Level: Complete 4 rounds


1. Plie Squats
2. Bicep Curls with Calf Raises
3. Lateral Raises
4. Shoulder Presses
5. Overhead Tricep Extensions
6. Back Rows
7. Tricep Kickbacks

Plie Squat

Bicep Curls

Calf Raise

Lateral Raises

Shoulder Press

Overhead Tricep Extension

Back Rows

Tricep Kickbacks

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