5 Herbs to Help You Get Amazing Sleep

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5. Passionflower

If you find yourself waking up throughout the night or switching sleep positions constantly, passionflower might serve you quite well. Praised for its sleep-inducing properties by traditional herbalists, passionflower comes from a climbing shrub native to tropical areas within the United States.

For centuries, people have used this healing herb to address anxiety, seizures, and hysteria, along with insomnia. By alleviating anxiety and having a soothing effect on your system, passionflower helps eliminate an interrupted sleep schedule. So, you can get your snooze on with no distractions. Enjoy a warm cup of passionflower tea before bed, or ingest passion flower extract, available in a tincture or sold as capsules.

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for maintaining great health. For more soul-soothing remedies that’ll help you get the slumber you so deserve, check out these 5 Teas for the Best Night’s Sleep, or consider making these 5 Small Changes for Better Sleep.


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