7 Grab & Go High-Protein Snacks

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1. Paleo Friendly Meaty Veggie Roll-Ups

You can eat 4-6 0f these protein roll-ups and still not break 100 calories. More importantly, you’ll get more than 11 grams of protein at the same time!

You can swap out sliced meats when the type you have gets boring, incorporate different veggies based on the season and your cravings, and try out different dips to spice things up.

Here’s an example: Roast beef with red bell pepper strips, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices with mustard for dipping.

2. Apple slices and almond butter

Did you know there are plenty of vegan options that have more protein than meat? That’s right!

While beef contains 7 grams of protein per ounce, almond butter contains 12 grams of protein per ounce (which translates to a tablespoon).

Many grab-and-go almond butter brands are 1 tablespoon, so stock up or measure and put in your own to-go baggy to dip apple slices into when your tummy rumbles mid-morning.

If an apple isn’t doing the trick, you’ve got to try these Almond Butter and Banana Sandwiches.

3. Quinoa Almond Joy Bars

Who says a snack can’t be sweet and healthy?  Clocking in at just 94 calories each, these bars are high in protein thanks to their backbone: quinoa.

This gluten-free plant-based protein is one of the few plants that contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s also super low on the glycemic index, which is great for blood sugar control.

These mini melt-in-your mouth bites of heaven will help you curb your craving for cookies at work, while giving you the protein you need to power through.

4. Avocado Hummus

Hummus is surprisingly one of the easiest dishes you can make, despite how many people prefer to buy it in the store!

The big necessity is a food processor, but the other ingredients are cheap and easy to find. A little goes a long way, too!

At 8 grams of protein per 100 grams (which is a little less than half a cup), you can whip this up on a Sunday and bring to work with veggies all week long.

The fact that it’s filled with avocado is just a bonus, because, really, who doesn’t adore avocado?

5. String Cheese & Fresh Fruit

This is the ultimate grab-and-go snack. No fuss involved, you can snag a low-fat mozzarella cheese stick as you fly out the door.

The protein in the cheese stick is a hefty eight grams. Bring along an apple, banana, or a package of mixed fruit for a healthy dose of fiber, which will helps control blood sugar levels, and even aid in achieving a healthy weight.

6. Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are the original protein powerhouse. Everyone’s favorite go-to, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic.

Boil two eggs at breakfast, place them in a baggy after peeling, and eat away throughout the day when you need a boost of energy and a little satiety. You’ll get 6 grams of protein per egg.

If you want a little more pizazz with your hard-boiled eggs, opt for deviled eggs. You might be thinking: Mayo? Oh no! Not to worry, as this Clean Eating Deviled Eggs recipe will satisfy your craving for something creamy and rich without overdoing it on the fat and calories by using clean mayo, apple cider vinegar, yellow mustard, and paprika.

7. No-Bake Mocha Protein Bars

You know how everyone says to steer clear of granola bars because of their high sugar content? Well, it’s good advice. But not all granola bars are created equal! Homemade is the way to go.

Making your own granola bars at home can be the difference. It helps you to avoid processed ingredients and overwhelming amounts of sugar. Doing that without a high calorie content might seem like a hefty task, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

These no-bake protein bars are rich in healthy ingredients. Plus, they can be whipped up in a jiff, stored in the refrigerator overnight, and used as grab-and-go snacks throughout the week.

Ingredients like rolled oats, clean protein powder, cocoa powder, mini chocolate chips, chia seeds, ground flax seed, sesame seeds, dried cherries, almond butter, raw honey, and brewed coffee come together to create a delicious bar that offers 12 grams of protein.

Grab-and-go high protein snacks don’t have to be packaged, processed items. You can incorporate a variety of easy-to-make, or no-make at all snacks! These will fill you up the right way while satisfying various cravings, be it a sweet tooth, a salty crunch, or something in between.

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