How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day – 5 Can-Do Tips

A little motivation and the right tools go a long way!

It’s said that a journey begins with a single step. The same is true if you’re on the journey to build a body that looks and feels healthier. But, what happens when you literally take one step, and then just keep walking? Taking 10,000 steps each day will burn about 500 calories—in weight loss terms that translates into about one pound a week! Below we’ve listed some easy tips for getting started.
How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day- 5 Can-Do Tips:

1. Invest in a Pedometer. This handy device measures how many steps you take in a day. The pedometer works by recording a step each time the hips move up and down. Some will also translate those steps into “miles walked” or “calories burned.” Find a model that suits your lifestyle, whether you need a simple clip-on or a pedometer smartphone app. Fitbit’s Newest Product: Fitbit Charge 3 is highly recommended! 

2. Make the Commitment. There’s no question that change can be hard. But walking 10,000 steps a day is one healthy-living habit that’s easier than you think. Start your commitment by setting a goal. Use the pedometer to figure out how many steps you take in a normal day, and then add about 1,000 to 2,000 steps every week until you reach 10,000. Keep track of your progress with our 30 Day Fitness Journal Challenge.

3. Just Do It. Walking 10,000 steps into the day isn’t as hard as you might think. Get closer to your goal by choosing to:

Walk the kids to the bus stop instead of driving them.
Take your pooch for a walk instead of letting him or her out into the yard.
Walk to a co-worker’s office instead of emailing or calling.
Park at the far end of the lot instead of a space close to the entrance.
Walk the steps instead of using an escalator or elevator.
Stroll during your lunch break instead of pinning Ryan Gosling. (Hey, we get Ryan too—but walking is better for the body!)
Invite a friend or neighbor to take a walk instead of chatting via text or Facebook.
Walk the mall during hot, cold or rainy weather instead of lounging on a couch.

4. Set Reminders. Whether you use apps, wall calendars, or an alarm clock, make yourself remember that it’s time to get moving. For example, if you’re a desk jockey, set a reminder to get up once each hour and take a brief walk around the office.

5. Up the Intensity. Any steps are better than no steps, but you can maximize walking by boosting the intensity. For instance, raise intensity by climbing up a steep hill or walking on a sandy beach. Another way to increase calorie burn is by walking with 2-3 pound dumbbells. Learn more in 7 Moves for a Better Walking Workout. When that intense walk is over, replenish the muscles with these Quick and Easy Post Workout Foods.

Figuring out how to reach 10,000 steps a day isn’t too tough—but you do need to make the commitment, and you do need to get moving. So what are you waiting for?

6. Wear comfortable footwear. 

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  1. I try to incorporate more walking in small steps (pun intended 🙂 While putting something in microwave, stand and do more in the kitchen. Waiting for kiddo in bathtub, stand and do leg raises. Park farther from door at stores. Go by the mall after dinner and take a walk. It all adds up!

  2. Not only do I walk my dog a few times a day, but I try to get in a run at the gym if I can and walk around my floor at work every so often….anything I can do to break up the day to day stuff and get in a bit of activity. Those shoes look so comfy!

  3. I started taking stairs to the 4th floor at work instead of taking the elevator. And I agree.. Those look comfy!! I think these shoes would be a great motivator to walking the extra 9000 steps I need 😀

  4. Having the pedometer is key – I was amazed at how "off" I was with what I thought was 10,000 steps!!!

  5. I started walking 10000 a steps every day and I feel great I start off every morning by walking around the school track 6 laps and I have done my 10000 steps I am so proud of myself. have lost some weight.

  6. I walk everyday mostly w/ my dog. I love to walk and I love to have my hands free. I have a Walkapocket buckled right below my waist and have all my necessities easily accessible in case I decide to walk into town! Love your post!

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