7 Hearty & Delicious Power Bowl Recipes

These quick, easy & delicious power bowl recipes are simply delicious.

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5. Healing Sweet Potato and Poached Egg Buddha Bowl

This Buddha bowl is exactly what quick, easy & delicious power bowl recipes are all about. Healing for your soul and your body, this bowl features a nourishing blend of hearty, creamy, herby, nutty, and leafy.

The ooey gooey center of the poached eggs really brings everything together, giving it that indulgent taste. Meanwhile the homemade lemon herb dressing adds that tantalizing tang that sets it apart from other bowls.

The dressing is packed with flavor and healthful ingredients, including lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, honey, fresh parsley, fresh tarragon, and olive oil.

Apple cider vinegar is a noteworthy ingredient for weight loss, according to a plethora of research including one study that found consuming a mere two tablespoons per day over 12 weeks helped participants drop nearly 4 pounds of weight.

6. Peanut Chickpea Buddha Bowl

When you want something Asian-inspired, this sweet and savory protein bowl ought to be on your short list. Plus, it comes without the guilt of the calorie-laden sauces you’re used to.

This mouthwatering meal features chickpeas, a slow-burning carbohydrate that, according to research, won’t cause your body’s glucose levels to spike.

The delicious bowl has more than just healthful chickpeas that feature fiber and  even lower cholesterol. The homemade peanut sauce is to die for, featuring sesame oil and low-sodium soy sauce as the base. Freshly roasted peanuts round it out, while the bowl is topped with fresh bean sprouts for that wonderful crunch.

7. Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl

Another Asian-inspired delight, this chicken teriyaki dish is a must if you’re looking for quick, easy & delicious power bowl recipes that are simply delicious.

Full of lean protein, fiber, and veggies, along with rich teriyaki sauce, sesame oil, and soy sauce, it’s a well-rounded dish you’ll crave.

The combination of brown rice, broccoli, carrots, snow peas, and green onions makes for a nutrient-filled dish that will satisfy you for hours.

Now that you have your power bowl inspo, it’s time to get ready to take your health to a whole new level!

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