Skinny Slow Cooker – 75 Clean and Healthy Recipes

Do you need more hours in the day? Are you fed up with throwing together the same quick meal every week? Do you feel trapped in your meal rotation just because you finally found something your family will eat? After a long day of work and taking care of your family, do pre-made meals and fast-food billboards call your name?

Here at SkinnyMs., we know the drill. And better yet, we’ve figured out plenty of ways to make your meal planning easier with the help of the simple, incredible slow cooker. Our  book of Skinny Slow Cooker recipes has your back when you’re tired, busy, and trying to eat right and stay fit. Sorted by breakfast, dessert, main courses, soups, and sides, each recipe also includes all the nutritional facts you need to plan your healthy diet. No more searching through bulky diet blogs, no more scouring the supermarket for obscure ingredients, and no more wasting your entire evening in front of the stove. Check out the SkinnyMs. Skinny Slow Cooker cookbook today and get excited for meals again!