Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes With 5 Ingredients or Fewer

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4. Clean Eating Grilled Cheese

Crisp whole-wheat toast cradles gooey cheese in this drool-worthy sandwich! Using just 3 simple ingredients, this recipe swaps out calorie-dense butter and full-fat cheese for lighter alternatives, like nutrient-rich olive oil and low fat cheddar.

5. Instant Pot 5-Ingredient Chicken Tacos

A saucy, succulent recipe with Mexican flair, this finger-lickin chicken dish is guaranteed to please the whole family! Simply toss ingredients in an Instant Pot to cook, and stuff the tasty goodness in tortilla wraps or taco shells afterwards!

6. Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

At last- you can have your mac & cheese, and eat it too! This skinnified take on the classic comfort dish lets you enjoy all the warm, cheesy deliciousness of macaroni and cheese, without the guilt. Pair with some cooked veggies or a side salad and you have yourself a yummy, well-balanced meal.

7. 5-Ingredient Chicken Parmesan

We’ve lightened up this classic Italian dish, hooking you up with the decadent flavor you crave at a fraction of the calories. To cut down on fat and keep your waistline in check, this recipe uses wheat pasta, sugar-free sauce, and skim milk cheese.

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