15 Recipes to Lower Your Cholesterol

These 15 plant-based recipes for every meal of the day will help lower your cholesterol and help you eat a little healthier every day.


10. Spicy Roasted Cabbage Wedges

Cabbage has some amazing health benefits, so add more of it into your diet! Roasting these cabbage wedges in the oven helps to caramelize them, and the spices blend together to create an irresistible side dish.

11. Clean Eating Oven Roasted Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great side on their own, and this recipe will help lower your cholesterol in no time. A list of simple ingredients lets you know that you’re eating clean and healthy, no questions asked.

12. Honey Ginger French Carrots

Honey is a great alternative to most sweeteners in dishes, so try out this recipe for honey ginger carrots! The balsamic vinegar adds a nice tang to the dish, so you’ll be going back for seconds in no time.


13. Hummus and Vegetable Collard Green Wrap

The protein powerhouse of hummus is a great binder in lieu of a heavier condiment like mayonnaise. Combined with leafy greens, this is a perfect midday snack to keep you going throughout the day.

14. Honey Roasted Chickpeas

What can’t a chickpea do? Roast them in the oven for a great alternative to those salty snacks in the vending machine. Chickpeas get crunchy when roasted in the oven, and you still have that sweet honey flavor to curb those junk food cravings.

15. Green Goddess Dip

Healthy dips are a great way to help lower your cholesterol—they’re quick, easy, and portable! Our green goddess dip goes great with everything from pita to veggies. Sometimes it’s just plain fun to have a dippable snack!

Now that you’re armed with full days of meals, lowering your cholesterol is less intimidating! Following these great plant-based recipes will help you feel the best and healthiest you’ve ever been. Your body will thank you!

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  1. Great post! As a nutritionist and health blogger myself I am always pushing low cholesterol foods and this list takes the cake! 👍🏼

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