Strengthening Shoulder Workout to Prevent Injuries

Keep your shoulders healthy for lifting success!

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If you’re reading this, chances are that you weight lift, and if you’re lifting weights you are definitely adding strain to your shoulders. Consider that nearly every workout you do which involves a dumbbell or bar involves your shoulders in some form. We may workout our larger shoulder muscles but we tend to neglect the minor ones.

The shoulder is made up of various muscles and joints, the rotator cuff being the most essential muscle. The rotator cuff allows our shoulders to move in multiple directions, unlike other joints which only go in one or two. This workout will strengthen the rotator cuff, while giving your shoulders elasticity and durability which will decrease your chances for injury so you can always lift to get the results you want.

Equipment Needed: light dumbbells(2-5 lbs), flat bench, towel for sweat, water for hydration

What to Do: Review the workouts below and watch each video for proper form. Perform these exercise with controlled motions to really work the muscles and joint. Rest 1 minute after each exercise. If doing multiple rounds, rest 2 minutes.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 round
Advanced Level: 3 round


1. Empty Can – 15 reps
2. Lying Straight-Arm Raises – 15 reps each arm
3. Lying Arm Inner-Rotation – 15 reps each arm
4. Lying Arm Outer-Rotation – 15 reps each arm
5. Seated Straight-Arm Raises – 15 reps each arm

Empty Can

Lying Straight-Arm Raises

Lying Arm Inner-Rotation

Lying Arm Outer-Rotation

Seated Straight-Arm Raises

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