Total Body Office Workout

Get out of your seat and workout at work!

Our op-ed, Are You Sitting Down? It May Be Cutting Your Life Expectancy, explained the dangers of a lifestyle that demands that we be seated for the majority of the work day. Slash the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and get moving with our office workout!

This total body at-work workout is meant to keep your body active during your workday and to help fight off any negative effects that sitting has on your body. Not only will you feel good physically, but you’ll be more alert and energized during the work day.

Equipment Needed: Interval timer (Gymboss is a free app download), chair, desk, towel for sweat, and water for hydration.

What To Do: You’ll be performing 5 exercises every hour. Each exercise will be performed for 1 minute, back-to-back, with no breaks in between. Most work shifts are 8 hours, so we’ve provided 8 mock-up routines to complete. You can perform 5 of these exercises in any variation you want, but add variety to get blood flowing from head to toe.


1. Push-up on Desk
2. Desk Chair Lunge
3. Chair Tricep Dips
4. Chair Knee Lift
5. Prisoner Squats
6. Chair Mountain Climbers


Hour 1: Desk Push-ups, Prisoner Squats, Chair Knee Lifts, Chair Mountain Climbers, Tricep Dips
Hour 2: Tricep Dips, Desk-Chair Lunge, Desk Push-ups, Chair Knee Lifts, Chair Mountain Climbers, Prisoner Squats
Hour 3: Prisoner Squats, Desk-Chair Lunge, Tricep Dips, Desk Push-up, Tricep Dips, Chair Knee Lifts
Hour 4: Chair Knee Lifts, Prisoner Squats, Chair Knee Lifts, Chair Mountain Climbers, Tricep Dips, Desk Push-Ups
Hour 5: Desk Chair Lunges, Desk Push-ups, Tricep Dips, Desk Chair Lunges, Chair Knee Lifts, Prisoner Squats
Hour 6: Chair Mountain Climbers, Tricep Dips, Chair Knee Lifts, Chair Mountain Climbers, Prisoner Squats, Chair Dips
Hour 7: Chair Knee Lifts, Prisoner Squats, Chair Knee Lifts, Desk Push-ups, Desk Chair Lunge, Tricep Dips
Hour 8: Desk Push-ups, Chair Mountain Climbers, Chair Dips, Chair Knee Lifts, Prisoner Squats, Desk-Chair Lunge

Push-up on Desk

Desk Chair Lunge

Chair Tricep Dips

Chair Knee Lifts

Prisoner Squats

Chair Mountain Climbers

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