We Will Rock You Playlist to Rev Up Your Workout

Are you ready to rock?!

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Do you wanna rock your workout? It doesn’t matter if you’re weightlifting at the gym or running a half-marathon, nothing gets your blood pumping quite like rock music. If you’ve ever seen Rock of Ages or been to a Guns N’ Roses concert, you know how hard core rocking out can get.

For most people, music is an essential part of working out —  it can be the make-it or break-it factor for motivation. There are so many different genres of music, and it’s always good to add a variety to your music library! Maybe you normally prefer techno, country, or pop, and you’ve never given rock a chance. Variety is not only the spice of life, but it’s also a supplement for health! Now is the time try something new, and this playlist is perfect for you to get a jamming sweat session on!

For those of you who are already rock out, we hope you enjoy our song selection! If you can’t decide what workout to do, try one of our 5 Challenges to Rock Your World!

Whether you’re using iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify, look up these tunes and add them to your playlist for an intense, effective workout!

1. I Wanna Rock
Twisted Sister-106 BPM Amazon/Itunes

2. Juke Box Hero
Foreigner- 170 BPM Amazon/Itunes

3. Rock You Like A Hurricane
Scorpion- 126 BPM Amazon/Itunes

4. Pour Some Sugar On Me (2012)
Def Leppard- 170 BPM Amazon/Itunes

5. Don’t Stop Believin’
Journey- 125 BPM Amazon/Itunes

6. More Than A Feeling
Boston- 111 BPM Amazon/Itunes

7. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Pat Benetar- 135 BPM Amazon/Itunes

8. Any Way You Want It
Journey- 138 BPM Amazon/Itunes

9. We Built This City
Starship- 144 BPM Amazon/Itunes

10. Bad Medicine
Bon Jovi- 119 BPM Amazon/Itunes

11. Paradise City
Guns N’ Roses- 101 BPM Amazon/Itunes


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