Slim Waist, Sexy Hips: Your Guide to Building an Hourglass Figure

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Component #2 : Cardio and HIIT

These forms of exercise are great additions to a healthy eating plan. If your goal is to lose weight and you’re eating 200-300 calories less per day, you can increase this deficit by performing cardiovascular exercise. By burning another 200-300 calories each day through exercise, you can double your weight loss and lose more than one pound per week!

There are many different forms of cardiovascular exercise. Check out these Top Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss. Even if you’re one of the ladies trying to gain weight, you should still perform cardiovascular exercise to improve your heart and lung health. The AHA recommends performing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise weekly.

You’ve probably also heard of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). This is another form of cardio that combines short bursts of heart-pumping moves with even shorter periods of rest. The goal is to increase your metabolism so you’ll burn more calories, even after the workout is over. This is a great choice for those of us that don’t have a lot of time to work out. The AHA recommends 75+ minutes of HIIT per week.

Try some of our newest HIIT routines!

  1. Lean Body HIIT Workout Challenge
  2. Belly Fat Melting HIIT Workout Routine for Beginners
  3. HIIT for Abs
  4. Total-Body HIIT
  5. Kettlebell HIIT Challenge for Women

What to Do

Perform any combination of these two forms of exercise, aiming to complete the AHA recommendation each week (150 minutes of moderate-intensity OR 75 minutes of HIIT).

No matter what your goal is, performing some form of cardiovascular exercise is integral to living a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to building an hourglass figure, these forms of exercise will help whittle away at your waistline.

Component #3 : Core Training

Speaking of whittling your waist… core training is the third key element in the guide to building an hourglass figure. When you strengthen a muscle, it becomes more compact. Your core has multiple layers of muscles running in all different directions. Strengthening these muscles will also tighten them, pulling your waist in and flattening your tummy.

When performing abdominal exercises, it’s important that you hit all of these different muscles. The following routines will ensure that the work is evenly distributed throughout your core.

What you’ll Need

A yoga mat or towel / interval timer /medicine ball or a pair of dumbbells (5-10 lbs.)

What to Do

Complete each of the following routines once per week (each on a different day). This mean you will work-out five days per week. Try to up the difficulty every seven days by increasing the duration of an exercise or adding in another round.

  1. 7 Minutes to Whittle Your Middle
  2. Ultimate Fat-Sizzling Ab Workout
  3. 6-Pack in 6 Moves
  4. 20-Minute Oblique Workout for a Slimmer Waist
  5. Muffin-Top Meltaway 200

Finally, let’s talk about weight lifting.


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