Instructions for Whole Grain Yeast Rolls

After kneading a minute or two, it’s a good idea to separate the dough into 18 pieces. This way you’ll have more uniformity and all the rolls will turn out approximately the same size. After the dough has been divided into 18 pieces, next take each piece and divide into 3 (1″) balls. Place three balls into one muffin tin for clover leaf rolls. These rolls are so simple and I actually prefer them over cut out rolls. Your family and guests will love these…they’re so mouthwatering to look at, the final rolls that is.

Lightly mist the inside of 1 (12 cup) and 1 (6 cup) muffin with nonstick cooking spray before adding balls.

If you opt for the cut out version, lightly flour work surface, and keep the rolling pin well floured. A little trick I like to use, place parchment on the work surface, lightly flour and roll out your dough without it sticking. Use a 2″ to 2 1/2″ biscuit cutter and cut rolls, place on either a parchment lined cookie sheet or non-stick cookie sheet. I prefer the clover leaf version but this one will work just as well if muffin tins are unavailable.

Here are the final rolls. As you can see I chose the Clover Leaf Rolls. My mom always made this style roll for the holidays and I’ve carried on the tradition, which makes them even more special. If you have the patience, lol, your little one can help roll out the balls for the muffin tins.