Dog Recipes

Treat your pup to a yummy (and healthy) homemade treat. Our dog recipes are made with nutritious and flavorful ingredients your pet will love!


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Superfood Doggie Fresh Breath Treats

You’ll love your dog’s fresh, sweet breath. Our dog recipes are made with healthy ingredients that you can pronounce. Compare the ingredients in this recipe to commercially made treats. We never compromise when it comes to our family’s health.

Make-Ahead Doggie Stew Recipe

Our dog food recipes are human grade so feel free to take a bite. Your dog will love this stew recipe, made with wholesome ingredients like chicken, apple, carrots, green beans, and peas. This make-ahead recipe is easy to freeze too. Divide the stew into freezer safe bags or containers, defrost in the fridge, and serve. Arf, Arf!