5K Running Schedule for Absolute Beginners

Running for Beginners will help you reach your 5k goal in just eight short weeks. This schedule starts with walking and gradually moves to running. Our Skinny Ms. running schedule will help you progress all the way to a half-marathon, but you’ll reach your 5k goal in just the first eight weeks. That’s right – you could be running alongside seasoned athletes in two months! Our guide, below, contains tips and direction that will aid you as you follow our running schedule:

Cardio Walk (CW): Your cardio walks will maintain a brisk pace, swinging your arms front to back at chest level. This cardio walk will build your cardiovascular strength and endurance, and will help you to burn fat, as well. Walking in this manner will pave the way toward running!

Strength Training (ST): Free weights, machines, and your own body weight will be your tools on strength-training days. Strength-training will teach your body to resist force, and, in doing so, will build muscle strength. As your body progresses with these resistance exercises, you’re muscles will evolve to meet the demand. SkinnyMs.com will provide you with a variety of strength-training exercises that you can try at the gym or in the comfort of your home.

Cross Training: When you cross train, you combine several different types of exercise. A cross training day may find you mixing aerobics with weight-lifting, brisk walking with swimming, or combining outdoor sports like skiing and skating.

Mile (M): Your walking and running distances will increase in length as your fitness level improves. When you see a number followed by an ‘M’ in the schedule, you’ll know to cover that number of miles in your workout that day.

Find more information about the plan here: 5K Running Guide for Absolute Beginners